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Perkie's Observations: Ava Refuses to Help Julian; Sam Supports Alexis on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Spencer introduces Theo to Sonny, who spots the tattoo on his arm. Sonny convinces Spencer not to leave with Theo and to finish his play.

Jax wants to make peace with Carly. Carly swears she heard what he was telling her and that they're on the same side. When Carly leaves the room, Jax spots a text from Nina.

Ava pays Julian a visit. She can't believe that he tried to kill Alexis. Julian says he had a moment of weakness when he saw Alexis wearing the wire. He's certain he'll get all of it back and asks for Ava's help in him escape. Ava says she can't help him because Nikolas sacrificed his life for her. She says she has a second chance with her daughters and can't risk it.

Sam explains to Alexis what happened on Cassadine Island. Alexis has no real knowledge of Valentin. The two discuss what Julian did. Sam declares that she wants nothing more to do with her father and tells Alexis to keep fighting him.

Nina feels stupid for falling for Valentin's act. Curtis reassures her and says there's someone out there worthy of her. Curtis shows her a list of donors and one name seems to match up with Josslyn. Nina wants to email the person, but Curtis warns her not to. She does so anyway.

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Jax gets angry with Carly, accusing her of ignoring his and Josslyn's wishes. Ava arrives as Jax is warning Carly that he'll take her to family court.

Ava wants Avery, but Carly says she needs 24 hours notice. Ava spends time with Avery and Carly listens on the baby monitor. Carly calls Nina and tells her to stop the search.

Sonny accuses Valentin of trying to kill everyone on the island. Valentin pulls a gun and forces Sonny to dispose of his. Jason shows up and disarms Valentin. Jordan arrives and places Valentin under arrest.

Jax pays Alexis a visit. He says he may need her legal help with Josslyn's custody and some trouble he may be in. Alexis says she can't help him as she may be losing her license. She explains what happened with Julian and how she compromised her ethics. Alexis feels she doesn't know who she if she isn't a lawyer, but Jax assures her that she's more than her profession.

Sam stops by the station to see Julian and to yell at him about his crimes. Julian wants her to hear his side of the story, but says she's done with him and will support Alexis through everything.

Julian says she can't erase him from her life. He brings up Danny and his possible illness. Sam claims Jason was tested and is a match for Danny. She adds that Julian can't hold that over her head anymore. Sam storms off and promptly faints, again.