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Perkie's Observations: Jason Disapproves of Friz and Sam Gets Some News on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Billy MIller

Rebecca Herbst, Billy MIller

Jax asks for Bobbie's help in having Carly back off the donor search. Bobbie actually agrees with Carly. She says that the more they know of Josslyn's medical history, the better. Jax feels they should wait until Josslyn is an adult and let her choose to pursue it. Bobbie agrees to talk to Carly and invites Jax to her birthday party.

Finn talks to Liz about Franco's arrest, but Liz sets him straight about Franco's innocence. She explains that he was on a date with her at the time of the last death.

Sam is in hospital thanks to her many fainting spells. Franco pays her a visit to ask her to keep an eye on Jake when he's with Jason. Sam wants nothing to do with Franco. When Liz shows up, Franco leaves.

Sam reassures Liz that Nikolas died a hero by protecting Ava. At the end, he was the Nikolas that he used to be. Liz is grateful for that news. After Liz leaves, Finn shows up to check out Sam. She's shocked at his resemblance to Silas.

Josslyn complains to Michael about the donor search and claims she's perfectly healthy.

Sonny's not happy when Carly tells him that she's stopping the search for the donor. Carly then reassures Jax that she's called off the search.

Ava pays Kiki a visit and is not happy to see that she and Morgan are back together. After Morgan leaves, Kiki accuses Ava of trying to break them up. Ava feels Kiki is backsliding with Morgan and was better with Dillon.

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Ava feels Morgan is unstable and that Kiki needs to let him go for good, but Kiki disagrees. Ava doesn't think Morgan should be in a relationship right now and that he needs to focus on his recovery. Ava accuses Kiki of enabling Morgan.

Kiki wants her mother to leave. Ava sees the bottle of antibiotics. Ava's angry that Morgan gave Kiki an STI then asks whether Kiki was tested for HIV. Kiki checks her paperwork and sees that she's negative. Ava warns her to use condoms and that she should do the smart thing regarding Morgan.

Jake and Jason reunite. Jake mentions how Franco has been helping him deal with things. Jason is not happy to hear that Franco has been visiting Jake and Liz.

Franco gives Liz the portrait of her and says he's moving in a new direction. Franco boo-hoos about being all alone when he has so much love to give. He gets a call from Monica, telling him he's suspended because of the hospital killings.

Liz picks up Jake from Jason and the topic of Franco comes up. Liz admits that they went on a date, which angers Jason even more. Liz doesn't care about Jason's feelings on the matter and that Jake has been better with Franco in his life.

Jason wants to discuss this further, but Liz is done. She says she won't be dating Franco anymore. She adds that Jason doesn't have the right to second guess her choices when he's been gone forever. Liz tells him that Sam is in the hospital.

Sam explains her symptoms to Finn and that it started when she was in Greece. Finn mentions certain diseases in that part of the world and takes some blood tests.

Nell shows up at Carly's door to see her. Carly gives a birthday toast to Bobbie. After, she meets Nell, who says she saw the Crimson article and thinks she's the donor.

Finn has Sam's test results. She's pregnant.