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Perkie's Observations: Carly Gets Closer to the Truth and Jason is Sick on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier, Laura Wright

Chloe Lanier, Laura Wright

Jax is not happy with Carly about Nelle's sudden appearance. Nelle explains that she read about the story online and that Nina contacted her, which Carly manages to corroborate.

Michael takes Nelle away so the others can chat. Nelle wonders why everyone is upset, but Michael says it's not her fault. He tell her that there's bad blood between the Corinthos and Jax.

Sam is shocked, surprised, and happy to hear that she and Jason are expecting another baby. She explains to Finn how this is a miracle.

Sabrina's waiting for the paperwork to release Teddy from the hospital (seriously, wasn't he sick like more than a month ago?) and runs into Joe. He tells her that he accepted a research fellowship and will be working there now. Joe says they need to get over their bad blood so that he can have a relationship with his nephew. Sabrina joins Joe for dinner in the cafeteria.

Tracy catches Dillon taking antibiotics and figures out what they are for. She blames Kiki for giving him the STI, but Dillon denies it.

Hayden comes home to Wyndemere (where has she been staying all this time?) to find Lulu. Lulu explains what happened with Nikolas and that Spencer knew.

Liz tells Jason that Sam had a fainting spell and was admitted to the hospital for tests. She tells him to head over there.

Carly questions why Nelle thinks she's the donor. Nelle shows them her scar and explains that she had her transplant the same day as Josslyn. Nelle explains that her parents were having financial issues and that they told her the operation would help her, but instead it has made her more sick. She says it wasn't done in hospital and that her parents subsequently died.

Sonny wonders why she came all this way. Nelle says she wasn't given a choice in her operation, but hopes it made a difference for whoever got the kidney.

Lulu pays Tracy a visit to ask if she's heard from Luke and explains what she found on Cassadine Island. Tracy is certain that it was one of Helena's games. Lulu needs to prove whether it is Luke and wants to do a DNA test. Dillon gives her one of Luke's old caps. Dillon wonders how Tracy will feel if the body really is Luke.

Liz goes to Wyndemere to see Laura, but runs into Hayden. Hayden accuses Liz of knowing that Nikolas faked his death, but Liz denies it and blames it all on Hayden. Liz says Nikolas faked his death to get away from Hayden. Hayden reminds Liz that Nikolas tried to have her killed because of Liz's secret. Liz says Nikolas loved Hayden and she threw it away.

Jason gets to the hospital, concerned for Sam. She notices that he's burning up and has Finn check him out. Finn decides to do blood work. He tells Sam that it could be malaria, but that it's treatable. Finn realizes that he needs to test Sam as well and that it could pose complications for her pregnancy.

Carly thinks they should do a background check on Nelle and test to see if she is Josslyn's donor. Sonny thinks it will be hard to verify since the operation didn't take place in a hospital. Jax simply wants to send Nelle on her way in order to protect Josslyn. In the end, Carly asks if Nelle is willing to prove that she's the donor.