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Perkie's Observations: Scott and Lucy Reconnect; Nelle Agrees to Help Carly on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner, Lynn Herring, Maura West

Kin Shriner, Lynn Herring, Maura West

Carly wants Nelle to run some tests, which upsets her. She points out that the timeline adds up and only wanted to get answers. Nelle storms off. Carly sends Michael after her. Jax would prefer that she not return.

Finn stops by to give Hayden his condolences about Nikolas' death. Hayden tells him that Nikolas faked his death to frame her and that part of her is happy that he's dead. Another part of her however, just wants to hug him. Finn mentions his wife and how he couldn't save her and that he lives with that regret. Hayden asks about his drug supply. Finn says he has enough for 3 months. He hopes to find a cure by then.

Kiki tells Morgan about her fight with Ava. Morgan is upset, but promises her that things will work out with them. He adds that he's taking his meds. The two end up in bed, this time with condoms.

Ava's upset to come home and find her place in shambles. She finds Scott and Lucy are responsible for the damage with their weird sex play. Ava mentions how bad things were while she was away, including Kevin getting shot. Lucy heads out to see Kevin. Ava tells Scott that she's disappointed in him.

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Scott says they aren't friends. He wonders if she has any. Ava mentions meeting someone while she was away, but he died. Ava tells Scott that it was Nikolas and that she saw another side of him.

Michael catches up to Nelle, who's looking for cash to get a bus ticket out of town. She asks Michael for money. He promises to discuss it with her, but gets a call. Josslyn spots them together and introduces herself to Nelle. Josslyn wonders why Nelle was at the house earlier, but Nelle doesn't tell her the truth.

Sonny agrees with Jax that they should be careful how Josslyn finds out the truth about her donor. Carly wants Nelle to come back so she can compensate her. Josslyn returns and hears them discussing her. Jax covers and the two head out.

Michael tells Nelle that he's grateful she came to them and believes she's telling the truth. He says they need her medical history and offers to help with her medical costs. Nelle doesn't want their money, but agrees to stay in town and get tested.

Morgan pays Ava a visit. He's angry with her for trying to break up him and Kiki. Morgan says he's going to marry Kiki and that Ava will have to live with it.

Nelle returns with Michael. She agrees to run the tests to find out whether or not she's the donor.