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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Sam Make a Connection; Julian Fumbles on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

Sam and Liz run into each other at the Quartermaine mansion. Sam mentions Jason being sick and how she's worried about malaria being passed down to her child. Liz misunderstands and says she can't infect Danny. Sam admits that she's pregnant, but that she's waiting for the test results before telling Jason.

Kevin doesn't remember all the nice things he said to Laura while on the jet of doom, but does thank her for saving his life. Lucy barges in, so Laura heads off to find their malaria test results.

Holt lets himself into Ava's apartment. He wants her to help Julian escape since she's now the head of the family. Ava says she's out. She adds that while she's not willing to help, she won't stop anyone else who can get Julian released.

Kristina wants to be friends with Aaron. He's still hurt that she lied to him about her feelings for Parker. Kristina apologizes and admits that she her feelings for Parker were different, but that her night with Aaron meant something as well. She wants to make things right. Aaron admits he wanted more from her and that it will take awhile to adjust.

Julian has a dream that Alexis says she still loves him and wants to run away together. In reality, Alexis stops by to ask Julian to speak to the bar association on her behalf so that she doesn't get disbarred.

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Alexis tells him to prove his love for her, to save her for once. Julian agrees only if she'll help him get out. Julian figures it's a fair trade off, but Alexis feels prison is where he belongs.

Lucy admits that she was worried about Kevin, but despite their differences, he's still her best friend. Kevin agrees that he doesn't want to be angry anymore. Lucy says she sees that he's crushing on Laura. Although Kevin denies it, Lucy gives her blessing.

Laura runs into Ava and asks more questions about Nikolas. Laura says she can't accept that he's gone and that he only turned to his dark Cassadine roots in the past year. Ava says Nikolas died trying to save her, and that he's a hero and a good man.

Kristina tells Alexis that she hasn't heard from Parker since she left and doesn't understand why. Alexis thinks maybe Parker was saving Kristina from pain. She feels her mother knows more than she's saying.

Liz agrees to keep Sam's secret for now, but feels Jason should be told. Sam gets a call to come in for her results. Liz offers to drive her.

A guard hands Julian keys. He tells him that Holt is waiting for him behind the station. Julian tries to open the door, but drops the keys.