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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Confronts Alexis on General Hospital

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Nina stops Julian from picking up the keys. She's there to get him to sign papers giving her exclusive control of Crimson. Apparently the previous papers had a loophole in them and Nina figured out Julian was trying to double cross her.

Lulu wants to see Valentin before he gets extradited back to Greece. Dante feels he'll only mess with Lulu's head, but she's determined. Valentin is brought in. Lulu asks who Daphne is and what her connection to the Cassadines.

Kristina realizes that Alexis had a hand in Parker's goodbye letter. Alexis claims it was Parker choice to dump Kristina. Alexis says Parker couldn't see a future with Kris. Kris complains that her mother wrecked her life and is trying to control her. Alexis only wants to protect her and feels Kris needs to move on.

Liesl commiserates with Franco, who's leaving the hospital with his box of belongings. She can't believe Monica suspended him. Liesl complains about Liz's treatment of Franco. Finn overhears and tells Liesl that Liz is the one who helped exonerate Franco.

Jason is released and tries to get information about Sam's condition from Finn, who refuses to tell him. Finn sees Sam and tells her that the first malaria test was negative, but that they're waiting for results of the second one.

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Jason complains to Liz about Franco being around Jake despite her claims that Franco has been good for him.

Valentin tells Lulu that he has no idea who Daphne is and is unaware of the address she gave. Lulu asks if Valentin killed Luke and left his body in the tunnels. Valentin denies this, saying his grievances are with the Cassadines, not the Spencers.

Franco runs into Liz as he's leaving the hospital and refuses to talk to her, accusing her of being a flake and being afraid of him. Franco says she's free of him now and complains some more about being persecuted or some such nonsense.

Liesl confronts Finn on where he went on his recent trip on a private jet. Finn accuses her of violating his privacy and accuses her of being the hospital killer out for revenge. Liesl denies it.

Jason and Sam get home and he wants to know what's going on because he knows there's something she's not telling him. Sam refuses to tell him.

Franco complains about Liz to Leisl who tells him that Liz was the one who exonerated him to the police.

Nina pays Valentin a visit at the PCPD. She questions whether he was covering up something the night he slept with her. Valentin says he has no regrets about the night they were together. He promises he'll see her again.