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Perkie's Observations: Jason Proposes to Sam on General Hospital

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Jason insists so Sam admits that she's pregnant. She worries because she hasn't been careful and because of the exposure to malaria. Jason promises to be there for her no matter what.

Kiki confronts Ava about her visit with Morgan and says she's supports him. Ava questions whether Kiki wants to spend the rest of her life with Morgan, because he mentioned marriage.

Nina apologizes to Carly about sending the email to Nell. Carly's grateful because Nell is getting tested. She says Nina made the right call. Curtis comes in and updates Nina on his latest assignment. Nina decides she wants Curtis to find her a baby.

Jax is still not happy to hear Nell is willing to get tested. Nell says she needs answers for herself. Monica takes Nell away for some blood work and a sonogram.

Sonny wonders why Jax is so determined to stop this whole process. Jax says he's trying to protect Josslyn and that telling her will take a toll.

Morgan brings Kiki flowers at work. Dillon stops by to pick up coffee and accidentally runs into Kiki. He spills the coffee all over himself. Dillon heads off to change and Ava follows.

Kiki questions Morgan about what Ava told her. He admits that he said was going to marry her, but it was just to get a rise out of Ava. Morgan claims he isn't planning on proposing yet but that she's the only one for him.

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Morgan starts talking about things they can do to improve Perks sales. Kiki's happy he's so passionate and glad he has an outside project other than her to think about. I wonder why he's getting so involved, since he's only an employee at Perks and not the owner.

Joe runs into Sabrina and Michael and gets the cold shoulder from Sabrina. After Michael leaves, Joe says he wants a relationship with Teddy and that means being in Sabrina's life.

Ava follows Dillon to work and asks if he's willing to photograph some of her art for a catalogue. Dillon agrees to discuss it. Ava mentions Kiki and claims Dillon still has a chance with her.

Carly and Nell make small talk while waiting for the results. Monica returns with the results and says the Nell matches Joss' blood type. However, t they would need a kidney biopsy to know for certain which would be high risk for her.

Carly doesn't want Nell to go through with it. Nell says she needs to know the truth and heads off to think. Sonny admits that he had Spinelli look into things and found the clinic he thinks Nell was at which was operating at the time of Joss' transplant.

The threesome decides that's enough information to decide that Nell is the donor and Jax worries how to tell Joss. Carly is certain that Joss will just be grateful that someone saved her life.

Nell returns and Carly tells her that they're certain she's the donor based on Sonny's information. Jax thanks her for saving Joss' life.

Michael brings Joss to the hospital and Carly announces that Nell is her donor.

Jason proposes to Sam.