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Perkie's Observations: Laura, Tracy, and Alexis Get Some News on General Hospital

Genie Francis, Jane Elliot

Genie Francis, Jane Elliot

Dante tries to support Lulu. She is worried while waiting for the results of the DNA test on the bracelet. She complains that she hasn't heard from Lucky and wonders if this is all just a coincidence.

Tracy and Laura wait for the results at the hospital. Tracy is certain that it won't match. The two commiserate about their respective lives as Luke's wives. Laura questions if Tracy is still in love with him. Tracy admits that she hasn't shaken her feelings for Luke yet. Laura on the other hand, feels that she's done some growing up the past few years.

Liz is startled to find Franco waiting for her in her car. He says he knows she was the one who exonerated him with the police and thanks her for defending him. Franco wonders if her doubts about him are gone.

Liz says his past is violent. While she sometimes forgets, it does trigger memories of who he used to be. She adds that she can't make peace with that. Liz doesn't think they should see each other anymore.

Franco calls her his angel and salvation. He thought she saw past the evil to the good in him. Liz says she can't be his salvation and that he needs to find that himself. Franco agrees that it's not her job to save him. Liz tells him that he has a gift with his art and to follow that.

Alexis and Diane wait to speak to the law review board. Olivia arrives and explains to the board that Mayor Lomax has a grudge against Alexis and is looking for payback. She feels Alexis acted in good faith.

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Alexis speaks to the board and explains that she always wanted to be a lawyer because she believes in justice and promises to do better.

Drunk Kristina leaves an angry drunken message on Parker's machine. Molly grabs the phone and tosses it in the bushes. Molly reminds Kristina that Alexis has her hearing. She thinks they should go to support their mother. Kristina is still angry with Alexis for driving Parker away.

Kristina feels that it's Alexis' turn to learn to lose, but Molly feels their mother needs their support. Kristina gets even angrier. Molly points out that she's spiraling and that Parker was using her. Kristina yells at Molly to leave, which she does. She returns to comfort Kristina when she starts to cry.

Laura and Tracy get the results and find out that the DNA on the jewelry doesn't match Luke's. Tracy's still worried that Luke hasn't returned any of their calls. She thinks Laura should go and look for him. Laura says she's not going to this time. She says it's not her place anymore and feels that Tracy should go.

Tracy leaves a voice message for Luke. She tells him that it's time for him to call her back and let her know that he's okay.

Olivia stops by to see Lante and spots the ugly lamps Lulu bought. Lulu tells her that she's ready for the IVF treatments. Olivia is excited about having a granddaughter and explains that she had a feeling about it.

The law review board tells Alexis that they can't allow her to practice, but they will not disbar her at this time. They say they are suspending her license for a year and will review it again. Alexis complains to Diane that being a lawyer is all she's ever known.

Molly and Kristina make up and head out. Kristina's phone, which is still in the bushes, rings. Parker is calling.