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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Has Another Funeral; Valerie Gets Knocked Out on General Hospital

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Rebecca Budig

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom, Emme Rylan, Dominic Zamprogna, Rebecca Budig

Laura has an funeral for Nikolas. Lulu says she's surprised that Alexis didn't attend, seeing as her girls did. Hayden wants to know if they all want to share memories of him. Lulu gets angry and wants to know what Hayden did that made Nikolas fake his death to get away from her. Laura defends Hayden.  

Sonny shows up at Alexis' door. Turns out she's nursing a hangover and forgot to attend Nikolas' funeral. Sonny wonders why she's drowning her sorrows in booze. Alexis tells him about her fight with Kristina. Sonny asks about the contracts for Perks, but Alexis says she's not a lawyer anymore.  

Finn's happily working in the lab, getting closer to a cure for his unknown disease. Valerie shows up to do a sweep of the lab. Finn allows her access. Valerie finds a cufflink on the floor. Finn says it isn't his.  

Maxie complains to Nathan that Claudette won't leave town. He tells her not to waste anymore of her energy on his ex. Maxie meets up with Lulu and complains some more. Lulu tells her to trust Nathan's love.  

Nathan updates Dante on the hospital killer case, then asks him to be his best man. He says the wedding date was moved up because CJ is sticking around. 

Curtis runs into Finn. He tells him that he didn't show up at Nikolas' funeral and Hayden was upset. Finn says he had no idea there was a funeral. Curtis says Hayden could use a friend right now. 

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Nina shows up at Alexis' door and tells them that Julian tried to escape. She explains about the keys. Sonny declares that he's going to deal with it and heads out. Nina tells Alexis that Julian thinks she's still in love with him.  

Hayden takes a call from her mother. Laura hears her talking about her entitlement to a settlement. Laura tears a strip off of Hayden. She says it was all about the money, but that she won't be getting Spencer's inheritance.  

Griffin finds Claudette at the hospital. She tells him that she's gotten a job there. Griffin decides he's going to tell Nathan the truth to ease his guilt and open his eyes about CJ. She begs him not to tell Nathan. She tells Griffin that she's still in love with him. The two kiss. 

Valerie pockets the cufflink. While checking out the lab, she's knocked out by someone. Curtis finds her. When she comes to, Valerie notices that the cufflink is gone. She figures that whoever hit her took it from her. She believes that it's the killer.  

 Laura is upset with herself, feeling like she failed Nikolas and will now fail Spencer. Kevin says the situation was out of her control. Laura thanks him for being there for her. The two share a kiss.  

Finn stops by Wyndemere. He gives Hayden a cactus and asks her out. She feels that he seems different. Finn says he may have found a breakthrough.  

Sonny meets with Brick and tells him that he needs some of his men to deal with Julian. He says Julian will try to run and needs him stopped.