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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Gets a Clue; Laura Connects with Kevin on General Hospital

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Ryan Paevey, Bree Williamson, Kirsten Storms, Matt Cohen

Ryan Paevey, Bree Williamson, Kirsten Storms, Matt Cohen

Sam checks in on Alexis and tells her that she's pregnant and engaged. Alexis is happy for her. Alexis tells her about the suspension, but reassures Sam that she'll be fine.

Laura' s surprised by the kiss. Kevin apologizes for taking advantage of her during her grief. Laura says she was into it as much as he was and feels it has been building for awhile. Laura adds she's looking towards the future, which Kevin thinks is with Luke. Laura corrects him so Kevin admits that she's brought him back to life. The two make plans to have a date later.

Nathan and Maxie walk in on CJ and Griffin kissing. Maxie is shocked that he would break his vows for Claudette. Nathan realizes that Griffin is the man that he shot, who cheated with CJ. Maxie gets angry with Griffin, that she confided in him.

Valerie and Curtis head to the PCPD to let Jordan know about the cufflink. Curtis has her check cufflinks online until Valerie finds the one she saw. Jordan has copies made and then thinks she recognizes it.

Jason drops off Jake to Liz at the hospital and asks about the funeral. Liz says she can't believe Nikolas is gone. Jason tells her that Sam is malaria-free and that they're getting married. Liz congratulates him and wishes him the best.

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Franco finds Liz teary eyed, but she refuses to talk about it. Franco presses the issue. Liz tells him about JaSam's reunion and complains that Jason has moved on while her life is still a mess. Liz says she loved Jason and thought they were forever after. Franco says she deserves a man who puts her first and treats her right. He says he only wants to see her happy.

Griffin says he was at a low point in his life. He felt guilty. He accuses Nathan of shooting an unarmed man. Nathan says he behaved that way because of Griffin. Claudette says to blame her. Griffin wants them to move on with their lives. Nathan attacks him saying he should have killed him and now Maxie is forced to break them up.

Sam tells Jason about her conversation with Alexis and complains about everything Julian did. She feels she should have seen the con he was running.

Valerie and Curtis take the next step in their relationship and sleep together.

CJ wants to get together with Griffin, but he says people get hurt when they're together and that they can never be together.

Maxie wonders why Nathan was so angry with Griffin and feels that he's jealous because he's still in love with Claudette.