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Perkie's Observations: Ava Hatches a Plan; Laura Ponders Spencer's Future on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Lucy runs into Kevin, who is heading out for his date with Laura. He doesn't want to discuss it with her. Lucy assures him that they are friends now and he has her blessing. Lucy admits that she's meeting Scott. Kevin doesn't think Scott's good enough for her, but wants her happy.

Laura and Liz discuss Spencer and his reaction to his father's death. Laura says he wants to attend a boarding school that Nikolas set up. Hayden arrives and declares that Spencer shouldn't go to the school. Liz speaks for me when she tells Hayden that it's not her decision to make and that she doesn't have a say.

Jordan finds a naked Andre waiting for her in her apartment. The two make love. After, he spots her files on the hospital killer and the photo of the cufflink. Jordan explains how Valerie found it and how feels like it's familiar. Jordan thinks the killer may be right under her nose. Andre offers to help her figure it out. Watch out for the falling anvils.

Ava runs into Morki at Perks. Kiki confronts her mother about trying to recruit Dillon to break them up. Morgan tells Ava to back off. Meanwhile, some guy comes looking for coffee and hits on Kiki. He refuses to take no for an answer.

Carly invites Nelle over for dinner. Talk turns to Avery and how CarSon don't get along with Ava, but do it for the baby's sake. Nanny Deidre shows up with Avery. As the nanny's leaving, her purse opens and out fall Carly's earrings. She's shocked. As Nelle looks on, Carly fires the nanny for stealing. Carly wonders if Nelle is available to watch Avery tomorrow.

Laura believes sending Spencer away might be a good idea for security purposes since she doesn't know how big a threat Valentin is. Hayden says her parents sent her away and she hated them for it.

Naomi arrives in time to hear this. She offers her condolences to Laura and heads out with Hayden. Naomi tells Hayden that she had her lawyers look into Nikolas' estate and found out that Laura is the trustee. Naomi worries that Hayden will be in for a long legal battle and that she should cut her losses and leave Port Charles.

Morgan and the guy go at it, so Kiki calls Sonny for help. Ava spots them fighting and tells Kiki that this is how she'll be spending her life. Morgan backs off and stops the fight. The police arrive and usher the guy away, just as Sonny shows up. Kiki apologizes for calling him. Morgan says he saw things clearly. Sonny commends him for handling things.

Laura wants to cancel her date. Liz tells her to go because Nikolas would want her to. After Laura leaves, Liz finds a package for Nikolas at the door.

Ava shows up to pick up Avery, who happens to be asleep upstairs. Ava lets herself into Morgan's room with his bottle of pills.