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Perkie's Observations: Liz Thwarts Ava; Nelle Gets a Job on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Ava switches Morgan's medication with something else. She tells Nelle that she's leaving Avery behind since she's already asleep. Nelle tells Carly that she can't stay and needs to get back to her job, but Carly begs her to stay and take care of Avery. Carly offers to pay her. Nelle gives her a reference, which Carly checks. Nelle agrees to stay and babysit.

Kevin and Laura finish their meal and he invites her up to his room for a nightcap. The two enjoy a video game then start to kiss. Kevin breaks it up and apologizes, saying he doesn't want to take advantage of her grief. Laura reassures him that she has no regrets.

Morgan and Sonny discuss the altercation and how Morgan felt angry, but then was able to calm himself. Sonny's proud of his son. The word medication was said 876 times just to hit us over the head that Ava switched them, and something will happen because of it. Subtlety is not these writers' strong suit.

Nina stops by Franco's to pick up one last box of things that Kiki had packed up for her. She wonders why Franco isn't at work. He explains about the suspension and the appeal. Nina, for whatever reason, feels the need to explain about her encounter with Valentin and how wonderful he was to her, you know, despite being a crazy killer wanted by Interpol. Nina asks about Liz, and Franco tells her that things are in limbo right now.

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Liz drags the box into the house. Ava arrives to thank Laura for inviting her to Nikolas' funeral. She explains to Liz how she and Nikolas bonded while they were away and that she misses him. Ava spots the box and convinces Liz to open it. Inside are some of the clothes Nikolas was wearing the night he died. The islanders found them and sent them to Laura.

Ava asks to have the boot because she was so fond of Nikolas. Liz finds the bag of diamonds inside the boot and realizes that's what Ava was after. Liz wants to take the diamonds to the police to have Hayden arrested for taking them. Ava tells her they'll sit in an evidence locker and Hayden won't get punished. Ava feels Liz should hang onto them for Spencer, but Liz isn't certain what to do.

Sonny gets home and doesn't seem happy to hear that Nelle is staying and babysitting. Carly assures him that her references checked out and that she's good with kids. They kiss. Meanwhile, Nelle watches from afar.

Liz stops by Franco's as Nina is leaving. She says she needs someone to talk to.

Morgan takes one of the fake pills.