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Perkie's Observations: Liz Confides in Franco and Finn Rejects Hayden on General Hospital

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Robin Riker, Rebecca Budig

Robin Riker, Rebecca Budig

Liz shows Franco the diamonds and asks what she should do with them. He mentions giving them to Laura or Spencer, but Liz says Nikolas stole them from Hayden, who stole them from the Feds. Franco convinces her to turn them in, which Liz is happy to do since it would send Hayden to prison. Franco wonders why she came to him with a moral dilemma.

Hayden and Naomi come home to find the package for Nikolas opened. Hayden figures Laura opened it. Naomi tells her to check the box for the diamonds, but she doesn't find them. Naomi says Hayden should leave Port Charles since there's nothing here for her. Hayden disagrees, saying Finn has been good to her.

Liesl goes into the lab to look through Finn's work. Finn is not happy to find her there. She accuses him of dealing with drugs and threatens to report him to the authorities. Finn says he's working with the FDA. Liesl mentions Valerie getting attacked in the lab, which surprises Finn. He warns Liesl to stay away from him. She swipes his tape recorder before leaving.

Lulu and Dante enjoy their night together, making plans for their future when Dr. Lee calls to let them know that their one remaining embryo has been compromised and is no longer viable. Lulu is greatly upset and mentions the Stavros embryo, but Dante reminds her that the lab exploded. Dante reassures her that they'll get through this.

Molly sets up a lunch between Alexis and Kristina to clear the air. A tabloid reporter wants a quote from Alexis about Julian and her suspension, but Alexis blows him off. Alexis explains to the girls about her suspension. Molly blames it on Julian. Kristina says she wished that on her mother and apologizes.

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Alexis apologizes for interfering with Parker. She hands Kristina her phone that Aaron found at Perks. Kristina gets excited when she sees that Parker called her back, even though she left no message. Alexis reminds her that Parker didn't need a lot of convincing to break up with her. Kristina gets and angry and the two get physical. Alexis grabs her arm. The tabloid reporter records the entire encounter.

Kristina storms off. Molly tells her mother that she is an adult that Alexis can't control. Molly adds that she can't afford to lose anyone else.

Liz says she came to Franco because she knew he wouldn't judge her. Franco gets upset with her push and pull, and says she needs to make a decision once and for all. Liz explains that she was raped and that it changed her forever.

Franco wonders if she thinks he's capable of hurting her and wants to know what she wants. Liz says she knew he'd be here for her, and knows that he won't hurt her. Franco swears he'll never intentionally hurt her and Liz says she believes him.

Hayden pays Finn a visit, but he's upset and tells her to leave. She wonders if he'd miss her if she left town, but Finn tells her not to pin her future on him. Hayden angrily leaves and goes home to cry on mommy's shoulder. Finn notices that his recorder is missing and finds Liesl listening to it. Finn threatens her.

Liz and Franco start kissing and it looks like it will become more, but she gets a call to pick up her kids. She points out that's what life with a single mom is about. Liz says she wants to take her time, but promises she'll see him again.