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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Share Their News; Laura Grows Suspicious on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Laura Wright, Billy Miller

Kevin and Laura wake up together. He questions whether she has regrets, which she doesn't. Laura does regret putting him in danger and getting him shot. However, Kevin takes responsibility for that. Laura's happy that Helena's twisted game led her to Kevin.  

JaSam tell CarSon about their September 7th wedding. Carly is thrilled and wants to plan a lavish event. Sam says she wants it small and simple. Carly offers to have them get married at the Corinthos compound and JaSam agree.  

Nelle arrives and stops Carly from telling JaSam that she's the organ donor. Later, at the house, Nelle says she didn't make a noble sacrifice and doesn't want to be known for it. Carly insists that Jason is family. Nelle says she can mention it once she's gone home.  

Kristina searches out Parker to ask what she wanted to talk to her about. Parker says she didn't call and had no intention of reaching out to her. Parker admits that she's still attracted to Kristina, who takes that and runs with it. Parker stops her and says they can't be a couple. Parker says she's going back to her wife. Kristina accuses Parker of using her and calls her a weak, selfish person. 

Jordan summons Alexis to her loft. She shows her an online photo of Alexis grabbing Kristina's arm the night before. Alexis doesn't think it's a big deal, but Jordan says it will cast doubt on Alexis' testimony against Julian. Jordan wonders if Alexis did it deliberately, to discredit herself.  

Jordan claims Alexis is still protecting Julian, but Alexis denies that, saying she wants him convicted. Jordan warns her not to screw up the case. Alexis says she doesn't answer to Jordan.  

Sonny tells Jason that Valentin was extradicted to Greece and is locked up. Jason worries, but Sonny assures him that he'll keep an eye on the situation for Sam and Spencer. Jason asks Sonny to be his best man because he can't think of anyone else worthy of it. I personally thought of Michael, but he's not a mobster, so what do I know.  

Sam stops by to see Alexis to let her know where the wedding will take place. Sam asks if Alexis will be her matron of honor and her mother agrees. Sam asks about what happened the night before, but Alexis doesn't want to discuss the fight with Kristina.  

While Kevin's out getting coffee, Laura finds pages of a book that he's writing. Laura confronts Kevin, who says he was offered a deal for a non-fiction book based on his cases, but was stalled. Meeting Laura renewed his creativity and he admits that he wrote about her. Laura wonders why he kept it from her and if their night together was a part of the plan.  

Kevin says he never meant to betray her trust and promises not to publish the book. Kevin swears last night was real, but Laura now believes him to be a liar.  

Andre gets home and wonders why Jordan is so upset with Alexis. Jordan doesn't want Julian to wiggle out of the charges against him. She tells Andre that she was undercover with the DEA, which messed up her relationship with TJ and blames Julian for it. She vows not to lose the case.  

Nelle's ready to take Avery out for the day. She gets a call from her supervisor who tells her she's lost her job. She tells Carly that she has to leave tomorrow to go back and start searching for a job.  

Sonny sees the online story about Alexis and Kristina's fight. He heads over there to yell at Alexis and demands to know what happened.