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Perkie's Observations: Robert Brings News to Laura; Sonny Threatens Julian on General Hospital

Tristan Rogers, Genie Francis

Tristan Rogers, Genie Francis

Sonny tells Alexis to get her act together and that her misbehavior will cost them the case against Julian. Alexis says she knows how to be a good witness and has a handle on things. Alexis explains what happened with Kristina and asks Sonny to talk to her. She mentions what Nina told her about Julian's feelings, but warns Sonny not to do anything about it.

Julian says he's accepted his fate, but Ava points out that he's not a quitter and that he needs to get an acquittal. Julian says he's up against Paul and things don't look promising. Ava tells him to fight so as to not make Sonny happy.

Laura's thrilled (as am I) when Robert shows up on her doorstep. He tells her that he's spoken to Luke, who's very much alive. Laura explains about the skeleton and says Luke needs to call his daughter. Robert brings up Valentin. Laura mentions that he went after Spencer. Robert warns her to increase the security for the boy.

Naomi asks if Hayden's coming home. Hayden says there's nothing in town for her. Naomi gets a call from Heather, summoning her. When Naomi gets there, Heather says she hasn't made a payment in three months. Naomi claims that money is tight and asks for an extension, but Heather isn't willing to accept that.

Franco brings Liz a snack and asks if she's been thinking about their date. He promises that it will be fun. Franco meets with Kevin, upset that he still hasn't been reinstated. Kevin tells him to be more polite to Monica. Franco says he's dating Liz, so Kevin says he'll add her as a character witness.

Tracy orchestrates a lunch between Dillon and Paul, but Dillon is angry at the lack of attention from his father for the past several months. Dillon believes he comes second to Paul's ambition. Paul says he's dealing with a huge case and won't apologize for that.

Hayden gets home to find Laura packing. Laura says she's taking Spencer to the boarding school for his safety.

Robert runs into Paul and asks about the case against Julian on behalf of Anna. Paul says he has an airtight case and tells Robert to reassure Anna that Julian is going away forever.

Kristina gets home and is still angry with Alexis for what happened with Parker. Later, Kristina admits that Molly was right and that Parker was using her. Alexis commiserates with her.

Sonny goes to see Julian. He tells him to plead guilty to save Alexis the trauma of testifying against him. Sonny says if he spares Alexis, then Julian will have Sonny's protection in prison. Julian says he won't plead guilty and that he'll be acquitted. Sonny says the deal is on the table until the trial starts. Julian says Alexis still loves him and they'll be together in the end.

Franco shows up as Naomi is leaving. He asks Heather for money for his date with Liz. Heather says her funds are drying up because Naomi has been delinquent in her payments. Franco offers to get the money from Naomi. Heather drops a hint about Naomi's past with Jeff Webber and "the brat".

Liz talks to Kevin about Nikolas and how she wants to do something for his memory. She wonders if she's honoring him or just making herself feel better. Kevin tells her to trust her instincts.

Ava tells Paul that she can convince Julian to take a deal if Paul's willing to sweeten the deal for him. Paul says he plans on burying Julian. He adds that if she doesn't go along with it, he'll bring her to justice for Connie's murder.

Kevin stops by Wyndemere to talk to Laura, who says she's leaving with Spencer. Laura says she'll stay until he's settled in and then will return. Kevin wants her to give him a chance to make things right, but Laura makes no promises.

Hayden runs into Ava, and the two discuss Nikolas. Ava warns Hayden that Liz has the diamonds and plans on going to the Feds.

Liz calls Jordan to let her know that she has evidence.