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Perkie's Observations: Liz Takes a Tumble on General Hospital

Robin Mattson, Roger Howarth

Robin Mattson, Roger Howarth

Robert stops by to give Lulu an update on Luke. He says he's fine, but is warning everyone about Valentin. Dante says Valentin's grudge is against the Cassadines. Robert feels the Spencers should be careful as well.

Lulu asks about Crichton Clark and explains that her and Stavros' embryo was there when it exploded. Robert says the WSB inventoried the items after the explosion. He agrees to look into it for Lulu.

Ava tells Hayden that Liz has her diamonds and has likely given them to the Feds. Hayden figures she needs to get out of dodge. She realizes that no one has come for her yet, so she heads out to find Liz.

Liz calls Jordan, planning on telling her about the diamonds, but there are too many people around. She makes an appointment to see Jordan after her shift.

Finn complains to Monica about Liesl. Monica says Liesl wants him fired and that she has a point about Finn. Monica says she'll let things slide for now.

Franco demands answers from Heather. She eventually explains that while stalking Jeff after their divorce, she found out he was having an affair with Naomi. Heather found out that Naomi was pregnant with Jeff's baby, who turns out to be Hayden.

Heather confronted Naomi, who agreed to pay her for her silence. Franco feels he needs to tell Liz, but Heather worries that she'll lose her leverage against Naomi. Franco wants to be honest with Liz.

Andre is called to consult on a patient, who then dies under suspicious circumstances. Monica calls the police and Paul, who wants Andre's cooperation. Liz runs into Paul, who's acting suspicious.

Jordan calls in Ava. She shows her a picture of the cufflink and asks if she's familiar with that design. Ava says it was popular in the art world a few years ago and there could be a lot of them out there. Ava feels the killer is someone who comes from money, likes power and showing off. Both Ava and Jordan feel as though they've seen it before.

Hayden confronts Liz about the diamonds. Liz says they don't belong to Hayden. Hayden accuses Liz of setting Nikolas' death in motion. Liz wants Hayden locked up with her father. Hayden slaps Liz. Finn breaks them up.

Finn wants to Hayden to explain, but she's still angry with him for how he treated her when he told her to leave town. Hayden says she needs to make sure Liz keeps her mouth shut.

Monica gets the lab results that the patient died of natural causes and that Andre was not responsible.

Ava suddenly remembers that Paul was wearing the cufflinks during one of their nights together.

Paul gets worried that Liz saw him. The power goes out in the hospital. Liz takes the stairs. someone pushes her down.