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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Is in the Hot Seat on General Hospital

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Maura West, Richard Burgi

Maura West, Richard Burgi

Franco blames Hayden for Liz's fall, which makes Finn question why. Franco says Liz found Hayden's diamonds and was planning on turning her in.

Hayden begs Finn not to believe Franco, but Finn wants details. Hayden explains about the diamonds and that she could go to prison if Liz turned them in. Finn points out that Hayden's problems go away if Liz dies.

Hayden swears that she didn't try to kill Liz and explains about the shooting and that Liz could be an accessory after the fact. Hayden claims she wanted to make a deal with Liz and swears she isn't a murderer.

Monica doesn't spot Paul with the syringe right away. She eventually does before he can hurt her. Paul gets a call from Ava, who demands a meeting. He drops the syringe in the garbage on his way out.

Franco begs Griffin for an update on Liz, but he maintains that they are still waiting for test results. He reassures Franco that everything that can be done is being done.

Alexis has hallucinations of Julian convincing her that she won't testify. Tracy sees her talking to herself and talks her down. Tracy calls the station to reassure Alexis that Julian is still in lock-up. Tracy worries about Alexis' mental status and wonders if she can testify against him. Alexis admits that she's terrified Julian will be acquitted because of her.

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Tracy comforts Alexis and commiserates with her about her poor choice in men. After Alexis has another hallucination, Tracy offers to get her home.

Jordan shows up at the hospital looking for Liz, who didn't show up for their meeting. Monica tells her about Liz's fall. Franco tells Jordan that he found Hayden standing over Liz and that Hayden hates her.

Ava meets with Paul and tells him that she won't be testifying against Julian nor will Paul use the flash drive against her. She explains about the cufflink. She adds that she has video of him putting it on.

Griffin finds Paul's syringe in the garbage and has it tested. He tells Monica that it was derisifol. Monica worries who the next victim will be.

Franco sits at Liz's bedside until she wakes up. Griffin checks up on her and says he's still waiting for some test results. Liz tells Franco that she felt hands on her back and that she was pushed.

Ava tells Paul that she was in his hotel room and shows him the pack of drugs that she found. Paul claims they are prescriptions, which Ava does not believe. Paul thinks Ava wants the flash drive, but she figures he's made copies. Ava wants Paul to let Julian go free.

Jordan finds Hayden and asks where she was at the time of Liz's fall. Finn lies and says Hayden was with him. After Jordan leaves, Finn says he believes that Hayden didn't push Liz.

Liz explains to Franco about her fight with Hayden. Franco tells her that Hayden was standing over her when he found her. Jordan overhears Liz say that she believes Hayden pushed her and tried to kill her.