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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Makes Plans to Control Julian on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Jackie Zeman

Laura Wright, Jackie Zeman

Hayden decides she needs to leave town before Liz can give the diamonds to Jordan. Finn wants to help her. Nurse Irene walks in and Finn asks her for an update on Liz.

Jordan questions Liz. She says she knows she was pushed and believes Hayden did it because she was standing over her. Jordan doesn't understand why Hayden would have stuck around. Career criminal Franco feels Hayden was sending a message or making sure her push worked.

Jordan says no one witnessed it. Liz mentions that Hayden slapped her earlier. Nurse Irene walks in at that moment. She says she saw the slap and heard Hayden say she needed to shut Liz up. Jordan agrees to bring Hayden in.

Bobbie stops by Carly's and is introduced to Nelle. Bobbie's thrilled to meet Josslyn's kidney donor. She's not as thrilled to hear that Nelle may be Avery's new nanny. Bobbie offers her services saying she regrets not being there to raise Carly.

Sonny meets with one of his minions. They discuss the situation with Julian and how they need to make sure that he stays in prison and has no access to Alexis.

Sabrina and Michael show up, as does Joe, who's introduced to Sonny. Joe mentions that Sonny brought Carlos back to Port Charles to be killed. Sonny counters that he didn't want Carlos dead. He just wanted him to face justice. Joe says he knows Carlos caused a lot of pain and deserved to pay for his crimes.

Jason and Sam check into the Metro Court for one last night as singles before their wedding. Franco leaves Jason a message to call him regarding Liz, but Jason ignores the message.

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Joe tells Sabrina that he wants to spend time with Teddy. She agrees because he's family. She warns him that it's only about the baby and that she's committed to Michael.

Michael admits to Sonny that he doesn't like seeing Sabrina with Joe. Sonny feels that Michael is jealous of Carlos becaue he'll always be connected to Sabrina via the baby.

Sonny warns Joe to stay away from Mabrina and not make the same mistakes Carlos did.

Sabrina promises Michael that there's nothing between her and Joe, and that she regrets hurting him. Sabrina says she wants a future with Michael, but wants him to tell her if he can't forgive her. Michael says he's willing to make the effort.

Griffin gives Liz an update on her condition. He tells her that she has a mild concussion and a bruised spleen, but that she should be released in the morning. Franco pulls up a chair, planning to spend the night.

Nelle offers to stay for a few days to help out Carly. Carly says Bobbie will be helping her, which doesn't seem to sit well with Nelle. She says since school is about to start, it will be hard for her to find a job.

Carly tells Sonny that Bobbie will be Avery's nanny, but that she feels badly for Nelle. Sonny says she's not responsible for Nelle's life.

Hayden tells Finn to take care of himself and to spend time with Tracy after she's gone. Finn says he wishes she wasn't leaving and the two kiss.

Jordan arrives to arrest Hayden for attempted murder.