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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Sam's Wedding Begins on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Sam and Jason wake up together on their wedding day. Sam wants to go the courthouse to get married, but Jason feels they should go through with the plans.

Franco spends the night at Liz's bedside. When she wakes up, Liz is grateful he was there.

Monica is not able to attend Jason's wedding. She asks Michael not to tell Jason about Liz until after the wedding. Sabrina decides she wants to sit with Liz rather than go to the wedding.

Curtis arranges a meeting between Nina and an expectant mother. Ava shows up and warns Bridget about Nina. Nina gets angry with Ava. Nathan is forced to break them up.

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The Davis coven and a gigantic new Danny show up for the wedding. Carly planned a summer casual event, but Sam and Jason show up dressed to the nines. Everyone suggests they change to something more casual.

Hayden spends the night in the interogation room. Finn and Franco show up at the same time to see her. Finn's allowed in, while Franco isn't. Finn blames himself for Hayden's arrest and reassures her that the truth will come out.

Naomi shows up at the station. Franco tells her he knows the truth about Hayden's paternity and that everyone will find out. Naomi doesn't want Liz to find out the truth and feels Liz would be heartbroken to learn the truth about her father.

Nathan and Paul show up to interogate Liz. Liz explains the argument with Hayden and running into Paul in Monica's office. Sabrina seems suspicious of Paul.

Monica checks up on Liz and lets it slip that Jason and Sam are getting married today.

Sam is thrilled when Spinelli arrives to officiate the wedding. The wedding begins.