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Perkie's Observations: Paul Has a Revealing Flashback on General Hospital

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Teresa Castillo, Rebecca Herbst

Teresa Castillo, Rebecca Herbst

The JaSam wedding continues. Spinelli gives a speech. Jason and Sam recite their vows and exchange rings. The two have their first dance and cut the cake.

Ava's angry with Paul for not releasing Julian and threatens to tell the police about his activities. Paul says he isn't stalling, he just needs to go through the motions so he doesn't arouse suspicions.

Finn wants Curtis' help in proving Hayden's innocence. Curtis believes Hayden didn't do it. He feel she's being railroaded, which Valerie overhears.

Naomi warns Franco that he'll break Liz's heart by telling her that Jeff was a cheater. Franco goes off on his own to decide what to do.

Liz admits to Sabrina that she still feels a twinge for Jason, but is glad that he's moving on. She mentions that she has as well. Sabrina's surprised to hear that it's with Franco. Liz explains they became friends and she saw a change in him. She adds that they share a weird connection.

Sabrina says she understands, seeing as she did the same with Carlos. She promises not to judge Liz, but warns that others will. Liz thanks Sabrina for her support. Sabrina notices something off with Liz's vitals before heading out.

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Naomi reassures Hayden that she has the family lawyers ready to help her. Hayden asks if her mother believes she's innocent. Naomi's a little wishy washy. Hayden worries that Liz will turn her into the Feds about the diamonds. Naomi promises not to let anything bad happen to her.

Valerie's upset with Curtis for claiming that Hayden is being railroaded. Curtis claims Hayden isn't a killer. Valerie accuses Curtis of not respecting her enough to do her job and warns him to stay away from the investigation.

Finn questions whether Curtis will back off, but he thinks Valerie is wrong and is determined to prove Hayden's innocence.

Paul and Ava continue their conversation about getting Julian released. Sabrina overhears part of it and when Ava leaves, questions Paul about his meeting with her. Paul claims he was warning Ava not to intervene in Julian's trial.

Monica asks Sabrina if she'd be willing to rejoin the staff because they're short staffed. Sabrina is thrilled. She mentions to Monica about Liz's vitals. Valerie shows up to update Monica that the syringe had no prints on it. She says she's certain the killer is not an amateur.

Carly gives JaSam a lovely toast and welcomes Sam into the family. Spin offers a toast then notices that Sam isn't drinking the champagne. Sam announces that she's pregnant.

Paul remembers pushing Liz down the stairs.

Franco decides to tell Liz about Hayden's paternity, but she passes out before he has a chance.