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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Challenges Dillon on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot, Robert Palmer Watkins

Jane Elliot, Robert Palmer Watkins

Franco gets a hold of Griffin, who checks out Liz. He decides that her spleen has ruptured and she needs surgery. Jason finally answers Franco's call and heads to the hospital to check out if Liz is truly injured.

Tracy's concerned about Dillon. She figures that he's bothered by Kiki's reunion with Morgan. Dillon says he knows Kiki has a connection with Morgan. Tracy however, tells him to go for it if he has feelings for Kiki.

Morgan's not happy when an order of baseballs caps arrives with a spelling mistake. Kiki offers to handle it, but wonders why he's so low key. Morgan admits that he's been feeling off today.

Kiki runs into Dillon who says he's happy for her with Morgan. He says he's accepted her connection with Morgan and wants only good things for her.

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Jason gets to the hospital and argues with Franco about ignoring the phone calls. Franco explains that Liz was pushed by Hayden. Griffin arrives and explains that Liz has internal bleeding. They don't want to remove her spleen because of the possibility of fighting future infections. He says he wants to repair the spleen, but that they need to stop the bleeding first. He adds that her situation is critical.

Sam and Spin spend time catching up. Sam claims to be very happy with her lot in life, certain that she and Jason have a long future together.

Sonny stops by Perks to see Morgan, but finds Ava instead. He accuses her of spying on Morgan. Ava denies that and talk turns to Julian's trial. Ava brings up the incident between Alexis and Kristina. She feels Alexis will make a terrible witness. Ava is certain Julian will go free. Sonny warns her to stay away from his family or he'll retaliate.

Morgan gets home and Carly notices that he seems quiet. She asks about the meds. Morgan assures her that he's taking them, but that he's just having a bad day. He thanks Carly for having his back and takes his next dose in front of her.

Franco asks Griffin for an update. Griffin says there is a problem with Liz.