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Perkie's Observations: A Judge Denies Hayden on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig

Rebecca Budig

Griffin tells Franco that Liz is hemorrhaging more than expected and needs more blood. He explains that they are low because of the power failure. Griffin says Liz has a rare blood type and that they need to get it from her family.

Maxie complains to Lulu about Claudette. She talks about her wedding and how she and Nathan have pushed it back. She mentions Lulu being pregnant, which upsets Lulu. She admits that she can't get pregnant and why. Lulu has decided to be blessed with Dante and Rocco.

Robert's back and updating Dante on what he found out from the WSB regarding the Crichton-Clark explosion. Dante calls Lulu to join him to discuss it.

Hayden's upset when the judge declares her a flight risk and denies her bail, landing her back in the interrogation room. She complains to Valerie that she didn't try to kill Liz and claims Liz tried to set her up. Valerie points out that Hayden had means, motive, and opportunity. She adds that Hayden should take a deal.

Jason explains to Jake that Liz is hurt and in surgery. Jake wonders what will happen if his mother doesn't recover. Jason promises not to separate the boys if anything should happen.

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Valerie's not happy when Curtis wants to visit Hayden. He says Hayden's a friend and he won't give up on her.

Naomi runs into Finn. She is upset that Hayden was charged with attempted murder. She swears Hayden didn't do it and Finn agrees with her. Finn reassures her that Hayden will be exonerated. Naomi's thankful that Hayden has Finn on her side.

Hayden tells Curtis what happened that night. He doesn't think there's enough evidence against her. He tells her that Finn is helping and she should trust her friends.

Griffin runs into Maxie, who isn't interested in talking to him. She claims he's been dishonest with her. Griff wants to apologize and put it behind them. Maxie says he can make things better by finding out what Claudette's agenda is. She wants Griffin to seduce it out of CJ, which Griffin doesn't agree to.

Robert shows Lulu the inventory list, which included a fire proof freezer. It was emptied before the explosion. Lulu is certain that the embryo was in the freezer and that Helena took it. Lulu says Cassadine Island had a lab complex and wants to go back to find the embryo.

Franco tells Naomi about Liz's condition and that he wants Hayden to give her blood. He says he won't spill Naomi's secret, but will convince Hayden to donate.

Finn manages to get Liz's personal effects from the night of the accident. He and Curtis go through her purse to retrace Liz's steps. Finn finds her phone and says he has a photo of who pushed Liz.