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Perkie's Observations: Will Hayden Save Her Sister's Life on General Hospital?

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Rebecca Budig

Franco explains to Hayden that Liz needs more blood and that their rare blood types match. He figures saving LIz's life would help Hayden at trial. Hayden finally agrees to donate.

Carly finds Morgan napping instead of at work and wonders why he's been sluggish and moody all day. Morgan claims he's fine, just a little tired.

Griffin wants information on Julian's trial from Sonny. Sonny reassures him it's an airtight case. Griffin worries about Alexis's recent erratic behavior. He feels she's cracking under the pressure and isn't sure she can be trusted to testify against Julian.

Sonny tells Griffin to be mad at Julian, not Alexis. She deserves his compassion and to give her the benefit of the doubt. He promises they'll get justice for Duke. Where have I heard that expression before?

Lulu wants to head back to the island. Dante thinks it's too big of a risk. He explains about Helena's will. Robert is certain it's all a trap.

Lulu still wants answers. Robert makes a call and finds out  the WSB swept the compound and found it abandoned years ago. Robert says there is no woman named Daphne living anywhere on the island. Later, Lulu declares she needs to find Daphne.

Finn shows Curtis the photo on Liz's phone, which shows a man's legs. The two determine the photo was taken at the time  Liz was pushed, which means it wasn't Hayden.

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Paul tells Jordan that Julian's trial is starting tomorrow. He wants Liz's case cleared up before then.

Carly tells Nell she wants to hire her as her personal assistant. Nell turns her down; Carly wants her to consider it.

Nell mentions to Morgan how she wants to be a teacher and decides working for Carly will help her reach her goal sooner. Nell accepts Carly's offer.

Morgan decides Nell is onto something and tells Carly he's enrolling in PCU for marketing. Carly points out it's a huge commitment. Morgan feels his passion has been fired up.

Curtis and Finn head to the station to show Jordan the photo on the phone. Paul doesn't think the photo changes anything and refuses to let Franco take Hayden to the hospital to donate the blood.

Jordan insists it wasn't Hayden in the stairwell. Paul counters Liz said Hayden pushed her. Jordan says they can re-arrest Hayden later. Paul agrees to release her.

Curtis decides to blow up the photo to get more information but isn't successful. Paul insists Jordan keep him in the loop at all times.

Robert and Griffin are introduced. Robert apologizes on Anna's behalf that she won't be back for the trial. Griffin understands. Robert also thanks Sonny for his help in bringing Julian to justice.

At the hospital, Hayden wonders how Franco knew she has the same blood type as Liz. Finn tells her the charges have been dropped against her. Hayden tells Franco she wants something in return for her blood.