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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Prepares to Testify on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Haley Pullos

Nancy Lee Grahn, Haley Pullos

Hayden demands the diamonds in exchange for her blood, so Franco has no choice but to agree. Finn heads off to get something for Hayden and starts jonesing for his own drugs. Curtis spots him and is suspicious of his behavior.

Scott reassures Julian that the jury will be sympathetic to him. He credits Paul's lack of objections to some jury members. Julian remains pessimistic about his chances. Scott says he's going to discredit and destroy Alexis' character, which angers Julian.

Ava's angry with Paul because two jury members are anti-mob. Paul feels it would have looked suspicious if he'd objected.

Michael finds Sabrina at the hospital. She's happy that she's been reinstated on staff, but Michael doesn't think she'll be safe. Tracy overhears him and reminds Michael that he's a Quartermaine and they need to support the hospital.

Michael thinks Sabrina should wait, but she's determined to get back on track. When Sabrina goes off to check on Liz, Tracy admonishes Michael and tells him not to hold Sabrina back.

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Jason gives Sam an update on Liz and the boys. Sam understands that Jason wants to spend time at the hospital and says she'll be spending time with her mother.

Molly helps Alexis practice her testimony for Julian's trial. Sam gets there and the two do their best to bolster Alexis' spirits. Molly finds out about Sam's pregnancy and his happy for her. Sam is determined that Julian will not be involved in this baby's life.

Alexis admits that she's been seeing visions of Julian everywhere. She didn't tell her girls for fear that it would get out and that Scott will use it against her. Sam and Molly reassure their mother that she'll be fine on the stand.

Franco runs into Jason and explains that Hayden is donating her blood. Jason wants Franco away from Liz. Franco says they've being seeing each other and they're going to be together whether Jason likes it or not.

Finn takes Hayden to his hotel room and goes on ad nauseam about how much of a hero she is. Hayden admits that she gave the blood in exchange for the diamonds.

Paul wants to review Sabrina's testimony. She's not sure she can get through it, knowing how bad off Liz is. Paul wants her to do whatever it takes to get into the right frame of mind.

Ava arrives as Scott's telling Julian that he needs to discredit Alexis. Ava promises Julian that everything will work out. Julian wonders what she knows. Ava doesn't spill anything, but does say she knows he'll be a free man.