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Perkie's Observations: Franco Spills the Tea on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Jordan asks Andre for help in figuring out who the hospital killer is. Andre is certain everything is connected. He thinks it's not a random serial killer, but that someone has a specific ax to grind. Andre figures the suspect is planning on ruining the hospital.

Kiki is surprised to find out that Morgan has signed up for classes. Morgan thinks it's because she doesn't believe in him. Kiki reminds him that she stuck by him through everything. Morgan accuses her of feeling threatened.  

Sabrina's thrilled to be back on staff at the hospital. She finds Franco hanging out in Liz's room. She sends him home for a shower and a nap. Hopefully, he'll get a haircut before coming back.  

Hayden wakes up to find Finn injecting himself. Hayden says she's planning on selling the diamonds to fund his research. Talk turns to their kiss. Finn says he's still dying and is still in love with his dead wife. Hayden accepts that.  

Tracy tells Monica that the board wants to close the hospital until the killer is caught. Both worry that if it happens, the doors will never reopen. Paul stops by and asks if the hospital will survive. Tracy wants to lobby to block the closure.  

Liz wakes up and Sabrina explains that she had a partial splenectomy and that Franco spent the night. Liz is just relieved that Hayden is in jail. Sabrina tells her that Hayden was released.  

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Liz panics and tries to leave, but Sabrina stops her. Liz tells her about the diamonds. Sabrina offers to bring them to the police for her.  

Franco runs into Kiki and tells her that he plans on moving in with Liz after she's released. Kiki tells him to back off. She adds that he's acting like Morgan and needs to slow down. Franco mentions a secret. He wonders if he should tell Liz. Kiki tells him to trust his instincts.  

Darby is also surprised to find that Morgan has gone back to school. He complains that he's behind schedule. She tells him to buy a paper online, but Morgan doesn't want to cheat. Kiki calls Morgan and the two apologize to each other for the earlier fight.  

Tracy runs into Finn and asks for his help in keeping the hospital doors open.

Sabrina shows up at the PCDP and gives Nathan the diamonds.    

Elizabeth freaks out when Hayden shows up at her bedside. Hayden swears she didn't push Liz and that she donated her blood to save her. Hayden wants the diamonds. Liz isn't aware of the deal she made with Franco.  

Liz says the diamonds are on their way to the police and that Hayden had better run. Hayden gets angry and starts yelling. Franco walks in and announces that they're sisters.  

Paul catches Monica unawares with a syringe.