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Jack Figures Billy May Know If Red's Carpet Matches Her Drapes on Y&R (SNEAK PEEK)


Peter Bergman

Thursday on The Young and the Restless, Ole Cuckolded Jack (Peter Bergman) finally makes his way to Oz and asks the Wizard for a brain. How will the cosmetics mogul react to the realization that his baby brother knows for certain if his wife is truly a redhead?

The sneak peek below finds Jack walking in on Billy (Jason Thompson) licking on a Phyllis bot. I'm so glad this story is about to climax — just like Red (Gina Tognoni) must have when Billy porked her on the Chancellor mansion stairwell. 

The Philly affair was seedy and fun in the early stages, but devolved into a maudlin, life-sucking mess of boredom, guilt and regret. I certainly won't miss Jack and Phyllis weeping and wailing in public parks over their doppelganger-doomed marriage. 

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Anyhoo, check out the video below and be sure to watch all the drama play out Thursday on Y&R!