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Gun Activists File Suit Over Katie Couric's Epix Documentary

Katie Couric

Katie Couric

It looks like Katie Couric could end up more than simply regretting the misleading editing of her Under the Gun documentary. The ex-daytime talk show host; cable network Epix and the film's director, Stephanie Soechtig, could pay out a whopping $12 million if they lose a lawsuit filed against them.

According to the suit filed by Virginia Citizens Defense League:

“The Defendants manipulated the footage in service of an agenda: They wanted to establish that there is no basis for opposing universal background checks by fooling viewers into believing that even a panel of pro-Second Amendment advocates could not provide one.”

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Epix responded by denying any responsibility,

“The claims against Epix in this lawsuit are completely without merit,” said a spokesperson for the channel today. “Under the Gun premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim. Epix saw the Sundance screening and acquired the documentary at that time. The network had no role in its creation or production and should therefore not be a party to this lawsuit.”

In a statement, Soechtig argued  the lawsuit is trampling First Amendment rights.

“It’s ironic that people who so passionately defend the Second Amendment want to trample the rights guaranteed to a filmmaker under the First,” said Stefan Friedman, a spokesperson for Soechtig on Tuesday. “Stephanie stands by Under The Gun, and will not stop her work on behalf of victims of gun violence.”

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