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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Plan Works on General Hospital

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William deVry, Maura West

William deVry, Maura West

Claudette tells Nathan that she's in trouble and he's the only one who can help her. She explains that she was involved with a dangerous man, who's now in prison. She has been hiding from him. Nathan refuses to help her, saying she ruined his life. Claudette says the help is for her and her daughter.

Griffin overhears Scott tell someone that Julian will be acquitted. He introduces himself as Duke's son. He wonders how Paul's strong case managed to fall apart.

Olivia takes Alexis to task for her behavior on the stand and worries that it will set Julian free. Alexis says she has no idea what happened to her.

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Ava tells Julian that he's almost free and that he'll owe her big time when he's released. Julian asks if she had Sabrina killed, but Ava denies it.

Dillon comes by to offer Paul his support. He lets him know that the hospital is being shut down. He tells Paul that needs to reassure Tracy that the killer will be caught. Dillon says he's proud of Paul and is sorry for the harsh things he said to him.

Carly begs Sonny that if Julian is found not guilty, that he won't retaliate. She worries about their family. Sonny says he'll do what he needs to.

Everyone is called back to the courthouse for the verdict. The jury finds Julian not guilty on all counts and he is set free. Ava says he owes her. Alexis loses her mind and runs off. Sonny warns Julian that he'll see him in hell.

Ava finds Paul to congratulate him on Julian's acquittal. She tells him that she's left a letter with someone so that if Paul kills her, his crimes will come to light. Paul says he understands her need to protect her family. Ava tells him to stop the killing and get out of town.