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Perkie's Observations: Michael Gives Teddy up to Joe on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Jane Elliot

Chad Duell, Jane Elliot

The hospital staff react to the closing of the hospital. Tracy worries that Finn won't be able to find a cure for his mysterious disease without the use of the lab.  

Naomi pays Hayden a visit in jail. Hayden says she knows the truth about her paternity and feels her mother kept the secret to not lose out on her nice cushy life.  

Franco offers his condolences to Epiphany regarding Sabrina, but asks that she not tell Liz the truth yet. Liz, unaware of Sabrina's death, leaves a voice message for her to talk. She tells Franco that she couldn't call her father to find out the truth about the affair.  

Lante stop by the mansion to offer Michael their condolences. Lulu offers to help with the funeral arrangements. Morgan goes off on a tangent that the murderer needs to be found and taken care of. Dante tells Morgan that Michael needs his support and not his blood thirsty behavior.  

Maxie wants to know what information Griffin got from Claudette, but he's distracted by Julian's acquittal and Sabrina's death.  

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Claudette says she has a daughter, but she sent her away for her own safety. CJ claims the man she was with was powerful and dangerous, and threatened her child. She feels Nathan is a stand-up guy who would willingly protect her and her daughter.  

Nathan questions whether he's the girl's father and CJ admits that she found out she was pregnant after he filed for divorce. Nathan asks about Griffin, but CJ claims they were careful, whereas she and Nathan weren't. Nathan feels he needs to talk to Maxie before agreeing to help Claudette.  

Pif wants to send Liz to Mercy because of the shut down, but Liz doesn't want to go. Franco suggests she get released and offers to set up home care for her.  

Joe shows up at the mansion, saying he's there as Teddy's closest relative. Morgan says Teddy belongs with Michael and the two get in a scuffle. Tracy arrives and says her lawyers will take action. Joe counters that they aren't Teddy's family and promises to fight her.

Michael decides he doesn't want Teddy involved in a custody battle like he was and feels it's not what Sabrina would have wanted. He gives Teddy to Joe.  

Federal agent Bob shows up to release Hayden. Naomi's in handcuffs and she tells Hayden that she admitted the diamonds were hers and will do time instead of Hayden. Naomi tells Hayden that she has a support system in town. Meanwhile across town, Finn is losing it over his wife's death.  

Liz overhears Pif get upset over Sabrina's death and Franco is there to comfort her. Franco wheels Liz to the portrait wall where she says goodbye to her grandfather. The two leave the hospital.