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Perkie's Observations: Maxie's Not Buying Claudette's Claims on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey, Kathleen Gati, Bree Williamson

Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey, Kathleen Gati, Bree Williamson

Sonny admonishes Morgan for the fight with Joe over Teddy. He reminds Morgan that he needs to use self control. Morgan wonders what Sonny plans on doing if he runs into Julian. Morgan wants to retaliate. Sonny points out that it would put everyone in danger.

Ava and Julian run into Paul at Kelly's. Julian gloats about his release. Paul has a veiled warning for Ava, who runs after him. She reminds him that she has something on him. When Ava returns, Julian questions whether she blackmailed Paul to tank the case. He worries what she might owe him now. Ava tells him to focus on rebuilding himself.

Julian mentions wanting to reunite with Alexis. Ava questions his sanity. She points out that everyone wants him dead and that he needs to neutralize Sonny.

Claudette summons Griffin, who tells her to go jump. She calls Liesl over and tells her about Nathan's daughter.

Nathan tells Maxie about his daughter, but Maxie's not buying it. She insists that they do a DNA test. The two head to Claudette's hotel room to confront her. They find Liesl basking in the glow of grand-motherhood. Maxie says they need to prove it with DNA, but Claudette refuses to take her daughter out of hiding. Instead, she pulls a lock of hair from her locket and tells them to test that against Nathan.

Griffin's helping Michael and Tracy make funeral arrangements for Sabrina. Michael explains about giving up Teddy to Joe. Griffin reminds him that he needs to grieve.

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Carly worries about Morgan, but Sonny says he spoke with him and calmed him down. Sonny mentions Julian, but Carly wants the violence to end.

Paul lets himself into the mansion with his giant needle of doom, but Tracy intercepts him on his way to Monica's room. She says she's posted a guard on Monica's door and no one can see her. Paul says he wants to question Monica, but Tracy's not having it. Tracy tells Paul that she doesn't want the hospital closed for too long and that he has to catch the killer.

Carly gives Kiki the night off so she can spend it with Morgan. The two end up at Kelly's where they run into Ava and Julian. Ava's quick to rub Morgan's nose in Julian's innocence. Julian mentions Sonny, so Morgan attacks him. Kiki is forced to drag him off.

Sonny and Carly show up at the mansion after hearing about Michael giving up Teddy. Sonny offers Michael money for a prenatal wing in Sabrina's name at the clinic. Hey, remember the AJ Clinic? That hasn't been mentioned in about a year. Michael doesn't want anything to do with the money if it came from Carly.

Kiki drags Morgan off. She's angry with him for starting something with Julian. Morgan rants and raves. He declares that something needs to be done about Julian, and he's going to do it.

Sonny and Carly run into the Jeromes at the Metro Court. Julian tells them that Morgan attacked him and warns to have him back off. Julian threatens Sonny before Ava drags him off. Sonny decides something needs to be done.

I'm spoiler free, but I'm guessing Julian will be found dead and we'll have to decide if it was Sonny or Morgan that did it.