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Perkie's Observations: Sabrina's Friends Come Together on General Hospital

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Teresa Castillo, Richard Burgi

Teresa Castillo, Richard Burgi

Jason stops by Liz's to check up on her. She questions why he's in a suit. She gets upset when Jason tells her that today is Sabrina's funeral. Liz wants to attend, but Jason tells her to stay home and recuperate.

Hayden stops by Finn's room to let him know that she's out of jail and questions why he trashed the room. At first, Finn refuses to explain. Hayden tells him about being Jeff's daughter and Liz's sister.

Hayden convinces Finn to confide in her, so he tells her that today is his wedding anniversary. He explains how his wife always gave him novelty ties. The last one, she told him to wear on their anniversary.

Valerie is still upset that she hasn't managed to catch the killer, but Curtis tells her to stop second guessing herself.

Jordan pulls an all nighter to try and figure out who the hospital killer is. Andre offers to help. He figures that with Liz's accident and Sabrina's death, the killer is getting sloppy. They deduce that the person is a well dressed and well connected man.

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Valerie and Curtis show up to help. Curtis figures the killer isn't necessarily a doctor, but possibly someone of official capacity, who is allowed to roam the hospital freely. Jordan doesn't like the idea that it could be one of her cops, but Val suggests it could be a board member.

Griffin presides over Sabrina's funeral. Lucy and Felix both get up to eulogize her. Paul overhears Dante tell Tracy that the killer may have left some DNA behind since he's getting sloppy.

Liz is upset that all her friends are dying and explains to Franco how she's lost Emily, Nikolas, and now Sabrina. Liz decides to attend the funeral and eulogizes Sabrina. Liz decides she's going to be more like Sabrina in order to honor her memory.

Michael gets up to speak but can't finish, so Carly gets up and says a few words. Epiphany also says a few words. She sings that horrid song that I had to fast forward through so my ears wouldn't bleed.

Jason offers Michael his support. Tracy finds Paul staring at Sabrina's photo and hears him says he's sorry.

Tracy questions what Paul is sorry about. He says he killed Sabrina.