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Perkie's Observations: Jason Gives Sonny Some Advice on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Paul blames himself for Sabrina's death, but Tracy misunderstands and thinks that he feels responsible for not catching the killer. Tracy says everyone blames themselves, but there's no reason for Paul to. She's surprised because she's never seen him like this before.

Alexis wakes up from a nightmare about Julian, amongst a bunch of empty wine bottles. Sam stops by. She is worried about her mother, who was supposed to meet her for breakfast. Sam accuses Alexis of being hungover. She expresses her concern. Alexis tells her to back off and let her figure out how to cope with everything.

Alexis has decided to get a job working as a part-time consultant in a law firm. She promises Sam that she'll stop drinking while Sam is pregnant. After Sam leaves, Alexis doesn't get anywhere with her phone calls to various law firms and heads off with another bottle of wine.

Nina finds Julian waiting for her in her office. He wants her to clear his name by profiling him in her magazine. Nina says the magazine would lose credibility and the advertisers would pull out. Julian warns her to run the piece since he still owns the magazine. Nina counters that she'll let the IRS know that he tried to sabotage it. She refuses to bow down to him.

Kiki's surprised to hear that Morgan didn't go to the funeral. He felt it wasn't his place and was worried that he'd lose his temper again.

Sonny tells Jason that he wants Sabrina's killer to pay, but Jason says he's dealing with a serial killer. Sonny mentions Julian's threat against him. Jason says he can't get involved and warns Sonny not to let Julian goad him into something.

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Michael finds Nelle at the mansion. She says she asked Monica for photos of Sabrina to set up a memorial page on social media. Nelle mentions losing a good friend in high school and that she wished she had those memories to look back on.

Sonny runs into Morgan and questions why he wasn't at the funeral. Morgan claims he had school work to do. He adds that his father doesn't need to worry about him.

Dillon asks Kiki why she didn't attend the funeral. She says she has a bad history with Michael and he wouldn't have wanted to see her there.

Jason tells Sam about Julian's threats against Sonny. She worries that he'll get involved, but Jason promises that he won't.

Sonny stops by the mansion to offer his support to Michael. Nelle sees them together. He later tells Sonny that she believes him to be a good dad.

Tracy tells Dillon about Paul's strange behavior at the funeral. She thinks it's because Susan is the same age as Sabrina. She wants Dillon to reach out to his sister and ask her to come to Port Charles.

Paul calls someone to check up on Susan.

Alexis finds Julian waiting for her on her couch.