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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gets an Earful on General Hospital

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Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Alexis is angry to find Julian on her couch. He says they need to talk. He swears he wouldn't have killed her. He claims that moment has haunted him since. Alexis grabs an empty bottle of wine as a weapon, but Julian says he only came to give her the signed divorce papers.  

Julian questions what happened at the trial when she lost it on the stand. He believes she did it deliberately to save him, but Alexis denies it. Alexis calls Jordan and requests a restraining order. Julian agrees to leave, but not before reminding Alexis that they'll always be connected.  

Paul shows up at the mansion. Tracy mentions her theory that he was upset about Sabrina because of Susan. Paul says he wants to ask Monica more questions. Tracy refuses, saying the only thing Monica remembers is the killer's cologne. After Paul leaves, Tracy has Dillon leave a voice message for Susan.  

Morgan's having trouble writing his paper. He lies to Kiki, telling her that he's almost finished. He accuses her of thinking he'll fail when she says she wants to read it. Kiki worries that he's putting too much pressure on himself, but Morgan reassures her that he's managing the stress. Once Kiki leaves, Morgan decides to buy a paper online and sends it in. Later, Dillon runs into them and mentions a website that professors use to flush out cheaters.  

Franco pays Heather a visit. She's still upset with him for telling Hayden the truth and ending the blackmail payments from Naomi. Franco wants money to help Liz. Heather asks why he pushed her down the stairs. Franco denies being the hospital killer, which seems to disappoint Heather. Heather says she won't be giving him more money and that he should start painting again.  

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Hayden stops by to see Liz. She tells her that Naomi took the fall for her and that she needs money to pay the lawyers. Liz says she has no money, so Hayden wants her to call Jeff. Liz says their father is a humanitarian worker. She adds that he has no money and that Hayden needs to get a job.  

 Hayden complains that no one will hire her and questions how Liz is paying for homecare. Liz says Franco's taking care of it, but he won't give Hayden any money. Liz tells Hayden to find herself a rich man, and that she feels nothing but contempt for her new sister.  

Tracy gets a call back and gets a forwarding address for Susan. She recognizes it and wonders how Susan ended up there.  

Liz tells Franco about Hayden's search for money. She thanks him for all that he's done for her. Franco says he's trying to be a better person.  

Paul pays a speechless Susan a visit in a hospital to wish her a happy birthday. Paul says he's taken care of everyone who hurt her, from Sloan who violated her, to Dr. Mayes who mishandled the rape kit. He swears they're all gone, except for Monica, and that the world is safe now.  

Paul begs Susan to come back to him while a shocked Tracy hears everything from the door.