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Perkie's Observations: Anna Returns to Port Charles on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Susan reacts to something outside of the room. Tracy hightails it onto the elevator only to have Paul open the door. Tracy feigns shock at seeing Paul and explains how she found out where Susan was. She apologizes for invading Paul's time with his daughter.

Anna's back in town and complaining to Griffin about Julian being acquitted. Talk turns to Sabrina's death. Anna mentions that she's been keeping in touch with Dante and knows there isn't much evidence in the case.

Claudette apologizes to Nathan for hiding Charlotte's identity for so long, but she wants him to be a real father to the child. She is shocked and worried when Nathan says he'll be getting the DNA results today.

Curtis and Andre show up at the gym at the same time and decide to spar with each other. Curtis asks about the killer case, but Andre doesn't want to discuss it with him.

Paul says he wants to discuss Susan with Tracy and asks her to go out to dinner with him. Tracy hides her discomfort, but eventually agrees. Paul takes her to his hotel room to look for his wallet.

Claudette calls Griffin and insists on seeing him. I adore Griffin, but I love his total disdain for her. It really is a thing of beauty! Claudette tells Griffin that she was pregnant. While she believes the baby to be Nathan's, there is a small chance it could be his. Griffin wonders why this information is coming out now. Claudette is forced to admit that the test results are coming in today.

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Maxie believes Claudette is lying about the child. She reassures Nathan that she'll be fine if it turns out that she's his daughter. Maxie says she would never sabotage a relationship between Nathan and Charlotte. She wants Nathan to understand that it's okay if Nathan hopes she is his.

Anna questions Jordan about the trial and why the warrant was screwed up. Jordan swears the warrant was fine when it was issued and believes that someone tampered with it to show a different address.

Jordan explains the trial to Anna and how Alexis lost it on the stand. She believes Alexis couldn't cope and let the pressure get to her. Anna decides she wants to discuss the case with Paul.

Jordan arrives at the gym as Curtis and Andre are about to go to blows. After Curtis leaves, Jordan demands to know what it was about. Andre says he doesn't like Curtis.

Nathan and Maxie show up at Claudette's room with the test results.

Olivia lets Anna into Paul's room to leave a message for him. She finds stories on the hospital killer in Paul's drawer along with the cufflinks.

Tracy wants to go out for dinner since Paul's room is remote, but he locks the door and says she's not leaving.