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Perkie's Observations: Kevin Intercepts Laura on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Genie Francis, Jon Lindstrom

Anna calls Jordan to join her in Paul's room and shows her all the evidence she found. Jordan feels that it's all circumstantial, but Anna reminds her that Paul has killed before. Anna feels all the victims were targeted for a reason and feels that it connects to Susan. Jordan heads out to get a search warrant. Anna finds a receipt for Celestial Heights.

Paul tells Tracy that he knows she overheard him admit to Susan about his killing spree. Tracy says she won't turn him in and that Dillon can never know. She wants an explanation, so Paul tells her that Susan got involved with drugs.

According to Paul, first-death Jenkins ran the rehab program that kicked Susan out before she was ready. Sloan raped her and Mayes botched the rape kit. Prescott wouldn't testify and Monica sent a letter saying the hospital couldn't help. Paul says he needs to get rid of Monica since she'll recognize his cologne. He wants to tie up all the loose ends.

Nathan reads the DNA results and Maury Povich arrives to announce that Nathan IS the baby's father. Griffin throws his chair over and Claudette runs backstage to cry with a stagehand. I kid. That would have made things far more interesting. What actually happened was that Griffin took off. Maxie got upset and also took off because Claudette's a lying liar, who's pants are on fire. Nathan demands to see his daughter. Claudette beats around the bush for two more scenes before mentioning again that she got involved with a very bad man who can hurt her.

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Laura's on her way home from Switzerland and is surprised when Kevin joins her on her flight. He wants another chance to apologize for betraying her trust with the book. Laura remembers that Kevin took a bullet for her. Kevin gives her the book that he wrote about her but didn't publish. Laura reads the lovely inscription he wrote for her.

Sam complains to Jason about Alexis' drinking. She also complains about Julian and how she wants him to leave town. The two discuss what would happen if Sonny made good on his threat. Sam decides she needs to convince her father to leave town and that Jason needs to convince Sonny to leave Julian alone. I must confess the two are boring as heck, so that's what I understood from their conversation.

Griffin checks on Maxie to apologize again for not telling her who he really was when he arrived in town. Maxie's burning question is how two relatively sane men would get involved with Claudette in the first place. Griffin tries to make Claudette sound half decent, but most of the fans watching don't buy it. Maxie says Claudette's been playing them.

Paul feels badly for what happened to Liz and Sabrina. What about Bobbie and Lucas? Who? He tells Tracy that he believes once everyone is held accountable that Susan will come back to him, but Tracy points out that idea is crazy. Paul grabs his tie and says Tracy won't be able to leave.

Claudette tells Nathan that Valentin is the bad, bad man she was involved with.