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Perkie's Observations: Carly Defends Morgan to Ava on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Maura West

Laura Wright, Maura West

Tracy begs for her life saying Luke will avenge her, but Paul says there won't be any evidence tracing back to him. Tracy mentions that he's gotten sloppy and that the police will find DNA evidence. Tracy says she understands his motives and is willing to help him cover it up to protect Dillon.

Sam stops by to see Julian to tell him that he should leave town since no one wants him here. She says he can't go back to the life that he had. Julian thinks she cares about him enough to protect him from Sonny. Sam claims she despises her father, but has seen enough bloodshed, Ironically, it was at the hands of her own husband, but I digress.

Julian asks how he can protect himself, but Sam repeats that he needs to walk away.

Sonny tells Jason that he's hired someone to take out Julian, but it's via a third party. That way it doesn't blow back on him. Jason thinks the police and Carly will still know that it was him...and that Sam is talking to her father to get him to leave town. Sonny feels Julian is too stupid to walk away and that justice wasn't served. Now, he now has to handle things.

Jason offers to check out the broker that Sonny hired, but Sonny tells him to walk away.

Anna questions Dillon as to where Paul might be. She only tells him that there may be a link between Susan and the hospital killings. Dillon mentions that Tracy went to find Susan.

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Ava stops by to give Avery a gift and complains to Carly about how volatile Morgan has been. Carly refuses to discuss her son with Ava. Ava says Morgan is dangerous. Carly counters that he's medicated and stable. Ava mentions the attack on Julian and Carly counters that Julian was provoking the incident.

Ava feels there is a fight brewing between Sonny and Julian. She worries that Avery will be caught in the crossfire.

Morgan calls Spinelli. He wants him to hack into the website and remove his paper. Spin calls back that he wasn't able to. Morgan gets a call that he needs to meet with the dean in the morning.

Ava wants a movie night with Kiki to make amends, but Kiki isn't interested. Ava complains about Morgan and how he's out of control. Ava believes he'll take a turn for the worst.

Carly tells Sonny that she's worried about Morgan and Avery. Sonny talks about Julian and how he'll get what he deserves. Carly begs him again not to make a move against Julian. Sonny swears that if something bad happens to Julian, it won't be at his hand.

Julian tells his minion that Sonny is coming after him and that he needs to make sure that doesn't happen.

Anna calls Tracy. Paul warns Tracy to ignore the call, but she answers and yells at Anna to help her. Paul gets angry with her. Someone knocks on the door. Somehow, Paul manages to tie up Tracy, and lock her in the bathroom before answering the door. He tells the concerned citizen that his TV was too loud and that's what all the noise was about.

Paul decides the tie is not a good method to kill Tracy. Instead, he pulls out a syringe. Anna arrives and orders Paul to drop it. Paul refuses. Dillon arrives and says his father will need to kill both him and Tracy.