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Perkie's Observations: Ava Shares Secrets with Scott on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Paul continues to hold the syringe on Tracy, declaring that he needs to kill her to save Susan. Dillon begs for his mother's life and says Susan wouldn't agree with her father's methods. Paul gets angry with Anna for bringing Dillon into it. Dillon manages to get Tracy released, but Paul continues to hold the syringe and threaten them.

Ava continues to try and convince Kiki that Morgan is someone she doesn't want to be saddled with for the rest of her life. Franco comes to Kiki's rescue. Once Ava leaves, he questions Kiki, who claims that Morgan has changed. She adds that he's been doubting her and she's forced to reassure him. Kiki wonders when it will be her time. Franco tells her that she doesn't have to stay with Morgan.

Morgan meets with Andre and explains that he feels like he's losing it. He refuses to go back to Freeman. He explains how he attacked Joe and Julian and that he bought a paper online, but swears that he's still taking his meds. Morgan's afraid that Kiki will break up with him. Andre decides there's something wrong and tells Morgan to have blood work done to check on the meds.

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Finn and Hayden break into the hospital. They are looking for something from his lab that he needs for his research. They eavesdrop when Lucy and a board member do a walk through. Lucy is shocked to hear that the board wants to sell the hospital for condos. The board member reassures her that they'll relocate the hospital to a new building. Hayden tells Finn that someone needs to step in.

Scott pays Ava a visit to give her money. Thanks to him winning Julian's case, criminals are lining up for his services. He tells Ava that Paul is suspected of being the hospital killer. Ava gives Scott money to be her attorney and admits that she knew Paul was the killer. She wants Scott to represent Paul and win so that Paul can't bring her down with him.

Scott is shocked that Ava allowed Paul to continue killing. She claims she would do anything for Julian and that Paul promised he would stop. Ava also admits to replacing Morgan's drugs with placebos in hopes that he would go off the edge so Kiki could dump him. Scott points out that she can't control how Morgan will react and that someone could get hurt.

Anna orders Paul to drop the syringe. He tries to inject himself, but Anna and Dillon take him down. Anna places Paul under arrest. He begs to see Susan. Dillon promises to take care of Susan. Paul is taken into custody.