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Perkie's Observations: Michael Wants "Justice for Sabrina" on General Hospital

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Chloe Lanier, Chad Duell

Chloe Lanier, Chad Duell

Sonny gets a call from the dean that Morgan was expelled for plagiarism. He and Carly confront Morgan, who accuses them of being ashamed of him. Morgan feels that it's better that school didn't work out since he's so screwed up. He storms out.  

Ava drags Scott out of The Floating Rib. She takes him to the PCPD to tell Paul that he'll be represented. Paul says he'll be defending himself, so Scott heads out. Ava says she wants the flash drive because she needs to protect her girls.  

Claudette explains to Griffin about Valentin and how he took over her life and threatened to kill her. Griffin says Nathan can protect them now. She admits she'd rather Griffin be the father.

Nathan tells Maxie that Valentin is still in prison. He now wants to see Charlotte. Maxie points out that she may not be his daughter since Claudette is a liar. Nathan promises to do another DNA test once the child is there.  

Curtis tells Nina that he hasn't found her a baby yet. Nina says she wants to adopt a foreign child and wants him to broker a deal. Curtis feels it would be illegal. He turns her down, which angers her.  

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Nelle and Kiki are chit-chatting when Michael comes up. He's upset and tells them that Paul murdered Sabrina. Michael declares that he's going to get justice for Sabrina.  

Curtis congratulates Jordan on catching the killer. Jordan thanks him for his help. He asks about joining the PCPD again. Jordan reminds him that he blew a case because of drugs and that she doesn't trust him.

Nina shows up at Maxie's ready to help with their wedding plans. She is surprised when they tell her about Charlotte. Maxie admits she's not sure how they'll take care of her and Nina points out that a child can put a strain on a new relationship. Nina offers to take the child.  

Sonny and Carly worry about Morgan. Nelle calls to tell them that Michael might do something stupid.  

Morgan overhears Kiki leave a comforting message for Dillon and gets angry with her. He tells her that he was kicked out of school then tells her to save her sympathy and storms off.  

Ava says she understands Paul's motive. Paul says she's always playing the mommy card and that shouldn't stop her from paying for her crimes. When Jordan comes to get Paul, he says he has something to tell. Ava looks worried.