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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Sees Shadows on General Hospital

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Bryan Craig

Bryan Craig

Ava worries that Paul will spill the beans to Jordan. All he says is that he's going to plead guilty and save them a trial. Once Jordan leaves, Ava wonders what Paul is up to. She asks about the flash drive. Paul refuses to give it to her, saying he wants an ally if he needs it later.

Michael heads to the PCPD and almost grabs a guard's gun. Sonny's there to stop him and warn him not to go after Paul. Sonny promises Paul will pay and to let the police deal with it. Michael says Julian didn't pay, but Sonny says Paul will be dealt with. Sonny says he doesn't want people to think of Michael as a criminal and that vengeance is expensive.

Andre finds Morgan at The Floating Rib and questions why he's mixing alcohol with his meds. Morgan lies and says he's not drinking, but promises to be at his next session. Andre asks about the blood work and Morgan claims he had it done. Later, Andre finds out that Morgan never had the blood work done. Ava overhears it.

Ned's back in town and looking out for Dillon. He's tearing apart the boathouse looking for things that Paul gave him. He wants to destroy them. Ned commiserates and says Paul will always be a part of Dillon, but Dillon needs to learn how to live with that.

Kiki offers an ear to Tracy. She asks if she can help Dillon. Tracy points out that Kiki threw Dillon aside and he still hasn't gotten over that. Kiki finds Dillon in the boathouse and helps him find the fishing rod.

Darby runs into Morgan at the bar. He blames her for being expelled because she didn't tell him about the plagiarism website. He complains that he might be losing Kiki again. Darby tells him that Kiki has put up with a lot from him and that he'd better do right by her.

Dante stops by the Corinthos house, looking for Sonny. He warns Carly that Sonny had better not be going after Julian. He explains that it will escalate the violence and someone will be hurt. Carly says she's already begged Sonny to back off Julian, but reminds Dante that the system failed.

Sonny arrives home. Dante starts in on him to leave Julian alone. Sonny complains again about Julian being released. Dante says he has an obligation to his family. The bottom line is despite being Sonny's son, if it comes down to protecting Rocco or taking down Sonny, he'll take down his father.

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Carly points out that Julian is the one currently making threats, but points out to Sonny that he can outmaneuver Julian in other. Dante agrees with her. Sonny swears he won't be pulling the trigger on Julian and promises to keep his entire family out of danger.

Ned asks Tracy if she still has connections with the Solitos because he wants Paul dead. Tracy wants the courts to deal with Paul and tells Ned to help Dillon. Ned feels his mother needs to face what Paul did to her or she won't have peace.

Jordan complains to Andre that the killer was right under her nose and has decided she will resign. Andre tries to talk her out of it. He points out that as the first black, female commissioner, she's a role model.

Michael pays Paul a visit and demands to know why Sabrina was killed. Paul explains that Sabrina figured out he was the killer. Michael wants more answers, but Tracy arrives and interrupts. Michael says knowing the truth doesn't bring him closure. Tracy tells him to find a way to move on.

Dillon complains to Kiki about his father and how he started to care for Paul. Kiki understands because she's Ava's daughter. She tells Dillon not to let his father define him. She says he has people in his corner, including her.

Ava asks Olivia why Kiki isn't working. Olivia tells her that Kiki went to see Dillon. Ava runs into Morgan, who asks about Kiki. Ava tells him that Kiki went to see Dillon. Michael asks Jordan about Paul's trial. She tells him that there won't be one because Paul is pleading guilty.

Tracy talks to Paul about Dillon. Paul swears he would never hurt their son. Tracy swears that if he even makes contact with Dillon that she'll kill him.

Jordan asks Paul why he tanked Julian's case. Paul tells her to talk to Ava.

Morgan gets to the boathouse and sees the silhouette of two people making out in the window.