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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Carly Get News about Morgan on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Julian shows up at the crash scene. An officer tells Dante that there is no sign of Morgan. Julian realizes what happened and that it wasn't an accident.

Jason heads over to Sonny's and tells him about the accident and what happened with Morgan.

Franco picks up food from the Metro Court, but can't pay for it. He tries to pull a fast one on Nelle, but Carly's quick to shoot him down. Franco says the food is for Liz. Carly relents and lets him have the food for free.

Sam drops by Liz's house with Jake's math book. The two talk and agree to co-exist. Liz asks that Sam and Jason accept Franco as part of her life and not to interfere. Sam says she can't give her blessing. She claims Franco will eventually turn on Liz as he's done with everyone else.

Carly explains to Nelle that she's had a troublesome past and that people in town only respect her money and Sonny's power. Nelle lays it on thick that she's jealous of all that Carly has. Carly says Nelle can fight for her power as well.

Julian goes to Ava. He tells her that someone tried to kill him and that Morgan was the casualty. Ava is shocked and upset when Julian tells her that no body was found and that Sonny killed his own son. Ava blames herself, which Julian doesn't understand.

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Franco arrives at Liz's. He and Sam get into an argument that Jake overhears. He wants to know why Sam doesn't like Franco. Franco explains that he's hurt Sam, but swears he's trying to be a better person.

Sonny heads to the crash site and jumps into the water to find Morgan.

Paramedics are forced to pull him out. Dante tells him that remains were found and there was enough to get a DNA match. Dante declares that Morgan died in the explosion.

Dante updates Jordan that there was a bomb in Julian's car. Jordan says she's coming for Sonny, but not tonight. Morgan's phone is found.

Jason stops by Liz's to give Jake a hug. He and Sam leave, and Liz realizes something bad has happened.

Ava remembers her time with Morgan as she cries.

Sonny gets home and tells Carly that Morgan is dead.