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Perkie's Observations: Michael Accuses Sonny of Murder on General Hospital

Chad Duell, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Chad Duell, Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Dillon's happy that he and Kiki are getting a fresh start. She feels she needs to talk to Morgan before moving forward with Dillon. Kiki continues to try and reach Morgan.

Carly wakes up, confused as to why Bobbie is with her. Bobbie says Sonny called her because of Morgan's death. Carly thinks that it was all a dream before she remembers the truth.

Jason tells Sonny that he can't get a hold of the broker that he used to plan the hit, but promises to find out what happened.

Dante calls Michael to the station to tell him about Morgan's death. Dante explains that it involved Julian's car and was a hit gone wrong. Sonny and Jason show up. Michael accuses his father of setting the hit in motion and killing Morgan. Michael asks if vengeance on Julian was worth it. 

Lulu and Laura chit-chat about Kevin and how Laura shouldn't let him slip away. Olivia shows up and tells Laura not to give up on Kevin. Lulu gets a call from Dante and heads out. Later, Laura calls Kevin for a date.

Olivia and Ned agree not to keep their relationship a secret any longer.

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Tracy tells Monica about the hospital sale. Monica offers to help fight it.

Ned checks in with Dillon, who denies knowing anything about the fishing hook. 

Ava finds Kiki and tells her about Morgan's death, which Kiki doesn't believe at first. Ava says Morgan saw Kiki and Dillon together.

Dante heads to Carly's to give her Morgan's phone and explains what happened. Carly questions why the car would have exploded. Dante says it was a bomb meant for Julian. Carly says she begged Sonny not to do anything. Dante is quick to remind her that he's still a cop and not to say anything that may incriminate Sonny.

Michael heads to the mansion to let Tracy know that he'll be taking time off from ELQ because of Morgan's death. Tracy's quick to blame Sonny and curse Jason. Monica wants the Qs to help Michael through this, and that includes Jason.

Kiki finds Dillon and tells him. Dillon offers to be there for her. Kiki blames herself and feels it's wrong to be around him.

Lulu gets to the station and sees Dante getting upset. He tells her that Morgan is dead and that he may need to arrest Sonny.

Carly listens to Morgan's phone messages. When Sonny gets home, she accuses him of killing their son.