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Perkie's Observations: Everybody Feels Guilty on General Hospital

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Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna

Jordan and Nathan go over the case. Dante returns, claiming he couldn't sit at home. He promises to recuse himself if it turns out that Sonny planted the bomb.

Lulu pays Maxie a visit. She tells her about Morgan and that Sonny may have ordered the hit. Their talk turns to Charlotte. Maxie admits she doesn't really want the child to be Nathan's, but will accept her if she is. Maxie explains that Claudette was hiding from Valentin.

Dillon complains to Nina about Kiki's plan to break up with Morgan to be with him. Now, she no longer wants anything to do with him. Nina says Kiki is just upset. She thinks he should go to her and give her comfort.

Franco finds Kiki crying in the apartment and tries to comfort her. Kiki explains how she was going to break up with Morgan for Dillon. She blames herself for Morgan's death.

Michael listens to Morgan's phone messages from Kiki. Jason shows up to offer comfort. Michael blames himself for not being there when Morgan needed him. Jason feels Morgan was a victim of a terrible chain of events and that it wasn't Michael's fault.

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Dante blames himself for not being there for Morgan, despite Nathan's reassurances. Dante's angry that he didn't get through to Sonny about leaving Julian alone and feels like a failure.

TJ stops by to see Jordan and blames himself for not stopping Morgan from taking the car. Jordan says it wasn't his fault. She explains that the blames lays on the shoulders of the one who set the bomb. She tells him she believes that to be Sonny.

Claudette shows up at the PCPD with Charlotte to introduce her to Nathan. She's not happy when Nathan says he wants to introduce his daughter to Maxie.

Franco shows up at Crimson looking for Dillon. He and Nina get into baby talk for the seven millionth time.

Dillon goes to Kiki, who blames them both for what happened. Michael arrives in time to hear that Kiki was planning on dumping Morgan for Dillon. He gets angry with her. Michael and Dillon argue, but Kiki breaks it up and tells Dillon that she can't be with him and to leave. Michael apologizes for what he said.

Lulu tells Dante that Claudette is running from Valentin.

Nathan brings Charlotte home to Maxie. Maxie takes one look at her and tells Nathan that it's not his daughter.