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Perkie's Observations: Carly Leaves Sonny on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Chad Duell, Laura Wright

Carly tells Michael that she and Josslyn are going back to her old house. Michael tries to plead Sonny's case, but Carly says she begged Sonny to stop the violence. Morgan is dead and she can't stay in that house.

Claudette isn't happy when Maxie decides Charlotte doesn't resemble Nathan. She's not likely his daughter, so she leaves. Maxie apologizes to Nathan who doesn't want to lose the chance to be a father.

Nathan calls Claudette to come back. Maxie makes nice and offers Charlotte a drink. Claudette tries to butter up Nathan. Maxie plans on using the DNA on the juice box to get it tested.

Sam explains to Alexis what happened. Alexis understands that Sonny is behind it and that the bomb was meant for Julian. Both admit they wouldn't want Julian dead, though his death would have solved many problems.

Kristina and Josslyn console each other. Josslyn doesn't understand why Carly told her to pack a bag. Michael takes the girls to the park with Avery while Carly and Sonny have it out.

Sonny is shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya, that Carly would leave him. Carly says he made the decision to plant the bomb and there are consequences. Carly says she begged him to stop the violence but that he ignored her.

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Sonny chants the line we're going to hear a lot of, which is that he called off the hit. Carly points out that it was too late, that when Sonny had his epiphany, Morgan was driving to his death. Gotta say, that was a powerful line for me, and I gave giant kudos to Laura Wright for that scene.

Scott tells Julian that he should leave town because Sonny will blame him and come after him again. Scott also tells Julian to find proof that Sonny was behind the bomb.

Curtis tells Nina that he can't get her a black market baby (didn't they have that conversation already?). Nina asks for his paperwork so that she can continue the search on her own, but Curtis feels that it would be too dangerous.

Julian asks for Curtis' help in getting proof that Sonny was behind the hit.

Nelle stops by the house to say that the hotel staff offer their condolences and are wondering about a funeral. Carly feels she can't plan a funeral without a body and storms off. Nelle goes to the park to retrieve Avery and brings her back for Sonny. She offers to look after the baby.

Kristina gets angry with Michael that Carly wants to abandon Sonny. She blames Julian. Kristina honey, Julian didn't plant the bomb in his own car, nor did he force Morgan to steal it. Josslyn overhears them discussing Sonny's involvement and demands to know what it's about.

Josslyn demands to know if Sonny planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Michael skirts around the issue saying that Julian had plenty of enemies. Josslyn isn't buying it. She complains to Carly that she never fully understood what Sonny being a mobster meant. She thinks Jax was right about how horrible Sonny really is.

Julian takes Nina's condolence basket and shows up at Sonny's with it. Oh, that Julian, he's got a set of cojones on him.