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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Liz Reconnect on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst

Genie Francis, Rebecca Herbst

Claudette interrupts Naxie's make out session. She drops Charlotte off so she can spend some time getting to know her father.  

Tuesday is Anna's day to feel responsible for Morgan's death. She explains to Griffin what happened. Anna says she knew Sonny would retaliate, but didn't do anything about it and now Morgan's dead.  

Franco tells Liz that he knows a way to get the hospital to reopen. He heads over for a visit with dear old loony Mom. Franco explains that the hospital is still closed and accuses Heather of the attack on Bobbie and Lucas. Franco feels she did it to divert attention from him because he was the prime suspect at the time.

Heather denies it, then admits that she did it (how if she's behind bars?). Franco wants her to confess so the hospital can reopen and Liz won't move away. Heather's worried she'll lose some privileges if she does, but Franco has recorded the confession.  

Finn's looking in rough shape these days and admits to Hayden that he's been testing on himself and not getting good results. Finn's not happy when Hayden's date shows up.  

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Hayden's date Evan is an annoying richie-rich, who financially funds medical research grants. Hayden asks if he'll help out her friend. Evan agrees in exchange for some sexy times with Hayden. She tosses a drink in his face and storms off.  

Tracy tells Finn that Lucy wants her to buy the hospital and promises to help him find another way to do his research. Finn has a coughing fit, which Hayden sees. She goes back to Evan and agrees to his terms.   

Laura and Liz run into each other and get caught up. Laura says she wants to sell Wyndemere to help take financial care of Spencer. Talk turns to Franco. Laura says she understands falling for someone with a dark side. Franco eavesdrops as Laura asks Liz if she's falling in love. Liz doesn't answer.  

Anna gets a call from Robert. She tells Andre that he offered her a job with the WSB training new agents in Geneva. Anna feels she has no real purpose in Port Charles. Andre wonders if there isn't a third option. Anna calls Robert back to say that she'll accept a position, but not a teaching one.  

Claudette tracks down Griffin to tell him that she wants to be with him. She tells him that she left Charlotte with Naxie and wants them to be together. Griffin is shocked that she would leave Charlotte. She says Nathan can take better care of her than she can. She feels they are better together and the two kiss.    

Maxie gets the DNA results. Nathan is angry that she went behind his back. Maxie opens and reads them. He's not Charlotte's father after all.