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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Catches Ava on General Hospital

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Maura West, Chloe Lanier

Maura West, Chloe Lanier

Sonny has nightmares that toddler Morgan is hiding and he can't find him. Nelle commiserates that she lost her best friend in a car accident. She says Sonny doesn't have to be alone and that he has people who care for him. Sonny doesn't want anyone but Carly.

Tracy worries about Finn and wonders about his meds. Finn is distracted when he sees Hayden and Evan heading out together. Tracy says Hayden can take care of herself and that Finn needs to save himself before he can save her.

Nathan doesn't understand how two DNA tests could have different results. Maxie points out that Claudette gave them Charlotte's sample and that it clearly wasn't from the child. Nathan heads out to find Griffin to tell him that he's the father after all.

Liesl and Ava drink at the bar. Liesl complains about the hospital closing, then offers condolences to Ava about Morgan. Liesl figures Morgan's meds were the problem. She is certain Carly will look into it to see if Andre was negligent. Ava realizes she needs to get the meds back.

Griffin pulls back from the kiss with Claudette, who's determined to convince him to run away with her. She swears they can be good together. Griffin asks about Charlotte, but Claudette says she's safe with Nathan.

Hayden gets Evan drunk, then convinces him to write a check for Finn before he passes out. Finn worries about Hayden. He finds out which room they're in. He breaks down the door to find Evan passed out. Hayden says she's going to set it up to look like they had sex.

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Finn is surprised that Hayden would go to all of this for him. Hayden wonders why it matters to him. She claims Finn is still very much alive and interested in her. Then, Hayden passes out.

Ava shows up at Sonny's on the pretext of wanting to see Avery. She wonders where Carly is, then realizes that Sonny is alone. Ava says Sonny won't make it through this without Carly and that he needs to get her back for Avery's sake. Sonny gets tired of listening to Ava and allows her five minutes with Avery.

Maxie calls Liesl to babysit Charlotte so she can go out to find Claudette. Liesl is upset to find out that she lied about the paternity and that she doesn't have a granddaughter after all.

Maxie lets herself into Claudette's room. She finds it ransacked by a lumberjack-looking-evil-guy who grabs her.

Nathan finds Griffin and Claudette at the gym. Seriously, does Griffin have a tracking device? She managed to track him down too. Nathan says he's not Charlotte's father and that Maxie had her retested. Nathan realizes that Claudette stole hair from his mother when Liesl was visiting her that day.

Claudette admits that she lied, but she did it because she knew Nathan could protect Charlotte and didn't want Griffin in danger too. Everyone heads to the apartment where Claudette introduces Griffin to Charlotte. Someone needs to do a DNA test on all three, because I'm putting money down that neither of them is Charlotte's parent.

Ava lets herself into Morgan's room to look for the meds. One bottle falls under the bed. When she tries to retrieve it, she find Nelle is standing over her.