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Perkie's Observations: Carly Wants Answers on General Hospital

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Laura Wright, Chad Duell

Laura Wright, Chad Duell

Claudette introduces her daughter to Griffin, but Charlotte runs to Nathan for comfort. Griffin's angry with Claudette, who says Nathan's a cop from a wealthy family, ergo a better baby daddy. She still wants Griffin to dump his vows and run away with her.  

Nelle wants to know why Ava is in Morgan's room. Ava says she was once very close with Morgan and just wanted to be in his room. Sonny comes up and also questions why she's there. Sonny warns her to spend her two minutes with Avery and leave Morgan's room.  

Michael has Morgan's car keys from the bartender. Carly wants to go over every detail of that day to find out why this happened. She calls Andre to discuss it. 

Maxie is grabbed by the thug, who drags her off. He wants to know where Charlotte is. Maxie says she's not Claudette and manages to convince him. Maxie says she's willing to tell him where Claudette is, but wants a guarantee that she won't be killed. Maxie brings up all of her connections, but the thug isn't interested.  

Andre offers his condolences to Carly and apologizes for not being able to prevent what happened. Carly asks about the blood test results, but Andre says Morgan never got tested. Carly demands to know why Andre released Morgan from the clinic since he clearly wasn't ready.  

Andre says the meds were working and he doesn't know why they stopped. Carly's angry that he didn't know something was wrong with Morgan.  

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Griffin suggests that they call Anna to help them. Nathan agrees that she would be the most qualified, but Claudette's immediate reaction is no. Eventually she agrees, then heads out to bring Charlotte back to the hotel.    

Nelle questions Sonny's hatred for Ava. Sonny complains how Ava seduced Morgan and took advantage of him. He says that she'll pay for causing all the pain. Ava's ready to leave and apologizes to Sonny and says she loved Morgan, but Sonny's not hearing it.  

Carly complains to Michael that if she had followed her instincts when the alarms started going off, that Morgan would still be alive. Michael counters that Morgan's illness isn't what killed him, but that he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Carly returns that Morgan died thanks to Sonny's car bomb.    

Griffin wants to make amends to Nathan for interfering with his marriage, which led to a child. Nathan warns Griff that Claudette will use the child to manipulate him and that Griff will feel obligated. Nathan says Claudette will destroy him.  

Claudette and Charlotte get back to the hotel to find it ransacked. 

Nelle worries about Sonny when he has another nightmare and calls Carly to discuss it. Carly is not interested and hangs up on her.  

Ava stupidly dumps the bottle of pills in a garbage pail instead of down the toilet somewhere. Someone finds them. My guess is that itCurtis.