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Sharon Case on Y&R Baby Switch Fallout: "This Mess is Just Beginning"

Sharon Case

Sharon Case, Camryn Grimes

Sharon McAvoy's (Sharon Case) day of reckoning has almost arrived on The Young and the Restless.  The scheming, unstable blonde's role in the Sully/Christian baby switch is finally about to be revealed on the CBS Daytime soap!  

Case sat down with TV Insider's Michael Logan to reveal how her alter ego's latest dirty stunt is outed. Said Case:

The fallout is even bigger than she fears. Of course, her husband, Dylan [Steve Burton], is really mad that this baby isn’t his and that she’s been keeping this horrible secret and it’s going to be very hard on the marriage. But the news breaks on GC Buzz, so everyone in town is in shock and very upset. Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott], who already detests Sharon, now has a new reason to hate her. Wait till you see those scenes!

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Sounds like Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is about to snatch Sharon bald! How will Nick (Joshua Morrow) react to his first love keeping him from yet another of "his" children? Case stated:

Oh, this mess is just beginning. Yeah, it’s not Nick’s baby…but then maybe that could go either way. The evidence that Christian is Adam’s son hasn’t totally been fleshed out, so who knows how this will end up? And if Nick is not really the dad then what Sharon did is not nearly as bad. I mean, you can’t blame her nearly as much for keeping an un-true secret as you can for keeping a true one, right? [Laughs]