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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Takes a Hit on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Matt Cohen, Finola Hughes

Genie Francis, Matt Cohen, Finola Hughes

Dante tells CarSon that he found Morgan's jade necklace in the wreckage, but there were no other signs of him. Carly's angry that there's nothing of Morgan left to bury.

A hungover Hayden wakes up with Finn. She asks what he'll do with the check but Finn says he can't accept it. Hayden mentions any romantic, feelings for her. Finn admits that he's interested and the two kiss.

Anna admits Valentin's face looks familiar, but doesn't know him. Laura overhears her talking to Griffin and warns Anna that Valentin will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Griffin blames himself for Claudette turning to Valentin after he left her. Anna doesn't believe she was that innocent.

Nathan finds the bracelet and realizes that Maxie was taken instead of Claudette. He calls the security desk to ask for any footage.

Maxie gets herself untied, but isn't able to leave since the door is locked from the outside. She searches for something to help her and finds a burner phone that works. She calls Nathan, who figures out her location and saves her.

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Laura and Kevin have a date, but she's distracted by her talk with Anna about Valentin. Kevin worries, but Laura feels Valentin can't touch her anymore.

Kiki stops by to apologize to Carly, who wants to know what Morgan was thinking and feeling on his last night. Kiki admits that Morgan thought she had been with Dillon and that's what set him off.

Carly yells at her because Kiki swore things with Dillon were over and blames her for abandoning Morgan. Carly calls Kiki a liar and says she knew Kiki would break his heart. Sonny comforts Kiki.

Sonny feels Carly was too hard on Kiki because she's also grieving. Carly says she's mad at everyone and that she can't help Sonny grieve.

Charlotte is upset that her mother hasn't returned, so Griffin heads to the room to find her. He realizes that Claudette is planning on leaving without Charlotte. Claudette feels it's the only way to keep Charlotte safe. Griffin convinces her to let him and Anna help. Claudette agrees, but when Griffin turns away, she knocks him out and takes off.

Griffin comes to as Anna arrives. He tells her that Claudette's leaving town.

Claudette gets on a flight to Calgary. Valentin shows up and sits beside her. He says she has something that belongs to him.