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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Absolves Sonny on General Hospital

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Nancy Lee Grahn, Maurice Benard

Nancy Lee Grahn, Maurice Benard

Hayden and Finn are playing tonsil hockey when Tracy interrupts. She's amused to find Hayden with Finn. She accuses Finn of asking for a favor in getting Hayden a job with ELQ. Tracy announces that she'll never give Hayden a job and storms off. Hayden believes Finn wants to get rid of her.

Hayden accuses Finn of pushing her away because of his feelings for her. Finn admits that he was scared, but that he's happier than he's been since his wife's death. Hayden feels his wife is still there, between them.

Liz and Franco tell Jordan that Heather was responsible for the attacks on Bobbie and Lucas (who?!). Jordan reminds everyone that Heather is in a high maximum facility and they have no proof. Franco gives her the confession and some cancelled checks from a guy that Heather hired.

Nina and Julian meet to go over Crimson financials (why? I thought she had full autonomy. Don't tell me that show if you want to have scenes between these two). Julian says he's trying to get Alexis back. Nina tells him to leave his ex-wife alone.

Max tells Jason that Carly and Michael have left, and Sonny is alone and drinking. He feels Jason needs to take care of Sonny. When Sam arrives, Jason tells her that he's worried about Sonny. Sam says their moving can wait because CarSon need them right now. Danny finds Sam's baby book so she and Jason tell him that he's going to be a big brother.

Scott worries about Ava, who's last message to him indicated she might not be long for this world. Ava tells him that she went to Sonny's to get the messed up medications. She blames herself for Morgan's death. Sonny overhears her say he'll kill if he finds out something.

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Sonny demands to know what Ava meant. Ava tells him that she saw Morgan that night at the bar and that he wouldn't listen to her. She blames herself for Morgan driving off.

Ava cries to Scott that she told Morgan about Kiki and Dillon, which set him off. She's upset that she was only trying to protect her daughter. Scott says they all have regrets they have to live with and promises to still be her friend.

Sonny talks to Alexis and blames himself, saying he didn't see that Morgan was drowning. He complains that Carly and Michael have left him and that Dante is looking for evidence to charge him. Alexis says Kristina is in his court and that she blames Julian.

Alexis blames herself (because it's her turn) because if she'd done a better job on the stand, Julian would have been convicted. Alexis absolves Sonny of any blame.

Liz questions Franco on his methods of getting the evidence for Jordan. He admits that he made it appear that he was a bad man to scare the guy into confessing. Franco wonders if this worries her, but Liz says she knows who he can be. The two share a kiss.

Tracy wants an update from Jordan, who says they've found the perp and that the hospital can reopen. Tracy wants to know who to thank and isn't happy to hear that it's Franco.

Alexis runs into Julian, who's quick to remind her that he was almost killed. Alexis feels it was payback and blames him for Morgan's death.

Sonny blames Scott, saying if he'd lost the case, Julian would be in prison. Scott says losing Morgan is karma for Karen. Sonny says Karen died 10 years ago and he isn't to blame. Scott claims otherwise. The two start to fight. Ava calls Jason.