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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Decides He Has No Need for Jason on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Billy Miller, Maurice Benard

Jason breaks up Sonny and Scott's fight. He drags Sonny away. Ava warns Scott that he can't provoke Sonny while he's grieving. Scott wants to call the police, but Ava stops him. She's worried that Sonny will figure out that she messed with Morgan's meds and kill her.

Anna and Griffin are packing up Charlotte's things when Naxie arrive. They update the duo that Maxie was kidnapped in place of Claudette. Nathan makes a couple of calls. He finds out that Claudette took a flight to Calgary and the police will be waiting for her when she lands.

Jordan summons Curtis. She accuses him of working for Sonny and tells him that he needs to stay out of her investigation. Curtis says he's a licensed PI and who he works for is not her business. Jordan eventually realizes that Curtis is actually working for Julian. She says she's trying to stop a war and worries Julian will retaliate. Curtis says Julian feels the PCPD has failed and wants evidence to put Sonny in jail.

Curtis promises to give her a full report once he has one, if his client allows. Jordan is certain that he'll mess it up as he does everything else. Jordan was wearing her big biatch pants today.

Alexis yells at Julian that he should have been the one who was murdered. Julian badmouths Morgan as Carly arrives. She slaps him. Carly accuses Julian of being responsible. She's ready for a fight, which Alexis has to break up. Apparently, it's all Julian's fault for not getting blown up on schedule.

Nelle finds Michael on the bridge. He discusses his childhood with Morgan, which is all rainbows and puppy dogs, not girlfriend-stealing and drugging. Nelle's concerned that no one is sticking by Sonny. She says Sonny is drinking all the time and he won't make it if he's left alone. Michael says he can't forgive Sonny right now. Nelle tells him to think twice about abandoning his father.

Jason takes Sonny to his office. Sonny says the man he trusted to get rid of Julian refused the job and now Morgan is dead. Jason can't believe that Sonny is blaming him, but Sonny says he can't be counted on anymore.

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Jason promises to find out what happened with the broker, but Sonny's not interested in his help now. Sonny says they're relationship hasn't been the same and he's on his own. Jason says he won't give up, but Sonny says they aren't friends and orders him to leave.

Griffin worries that he won't be a good father to Charlotte, and that he can't protect her like Nathan can. Anna tells him to give her up.

Alexis offers Carly her condolences as a fellow mother. Carly says she doesn't know what to do now. She tells Alexis not to get in the way next time she goes after Julian. Alexis calls Michael to checkin on Carly.

Nathan gets a call that Claudette's plane landed, but that she wasn't on it.

Ava gets a call from an unknown caller and thinks that it's Nikolas.

Michael goes to Carly and tells her that Sonny isn't doing very well.

Jason catches Curtis rummaging through Sonny's office.

Sonny heads to the bridge with a gun, but since it's not Christmas or my birthday, he doesn't shoot himself.